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2011 Spring Meeting - Refresher Course Lecture Videos

Below are two sample video clips.

Mechanisms & Treatment of Local Toxicity (Clip- 2:53)
Gary Weinberg, M.D.

Basic Anatomy of Ultrasound (Clip- 2:51)
Colin McCartney, M.D.

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ASRA Presidential Address
Vincent W.S. Chan, M.D., F.R.C.P.C.

Distinguished Service Award

Basic Science Review, Clinical Applications
James Eisenach, M.D. & Asokumar Buvanendran, M.D.

Joint presentation regarding the neurobiology of nociception and multimodal analgesia.

Basic Anatomy of Ultrasound
Colin McCartney, M.D.

Reviews basic anatomy of ultrasound for regional anesthesia. Provides good overview of clinical experience using different techniques for ultrasound guided regional anesthesia with recent insights gathered over last five to ten years.

ASA Update
Mark Warner, M.D.

ASA President provides updates regarding impact of Health Care Reform and how ASA is attempting to (and recommendations for) securing the future of Anesthesiologists.

Clinical Trends in UltraSound
Stuart Grant, M.D.

Overview using clinical data and pictures of superclavicular and infraclavicular anesthetic infusion techniques for upper limb, study results presented of using ultratrasound for guiding trunk TAP block, and lower extremity ultrasound guided spinal anesthesia results examined.

Anatomy & Implications for Neurologic Complications
Admir Hadzic, M.D.

Overview of the anatomy of peripheral nerve with benefits and risks associated with intraneural injections with associated review of clinical studies of neurologic complications.

Review of Neurologic Injuries
James Hebl, M.D.

Overview of the incidence of the neurologic complications associated with regional anesthesia, etiology of perioperative nerve injury, review of clinical literature, diagnostic evaluations and ASRA guidelines and

Update on Obstetric Anesthesia
Craig Palmer, M.D.

Overview of techniques and tactics for obstetric anesthesia including imaging, nerve blocks for post-cesarean analgesia, vasopressors, blood pressure management. Presentation concludes with information on
complication rates and infection.

Mechanisms & Treatment of Local Toxicity
Gary Weinberg, M.D.

Watch this presentation and you could save someone's life suffering from local anesthetic toxicity. These deaths are avoidable. History and review of treatment involving lipid solution to revive patients not responding to resuscitation while experiencing local anesthetic toxicity.

End of Meeting Addresses (ASRA, ESRA, LASRA, etc.)




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