February 2017

President's Message: What Have We Done for You Lately?
Oscar De Leon-Casasola, M.D.
President Elect's Message: Opportunities Abound
Asokumar Buvanendran, M.D.
Editorial – in Nabil’s Corner: Happy New Year
Nabil Elkassabany, M.D.
42nd Annual Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine Meeting Something for Everyone
Andres Missair, M.D.
Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management in Veterinary Medicine
Carrie Schroeder, DVM, DACVAA; Erin Wendt-Hornickle, DVM, DACVAA; Dominique Keller, DVM, PhD, DACZM
Gastric Ultrasonography for the Regional Anesthesiologist
Susan E Bragg; Richelle Kruisselbrink, MD, FRCPC
Pain Medicine Around the World: Chronic Pain at the Changsha Tumor Hospital, Hunan, China
Eellan Sivanesan, M.D.; Keith A. Candiotti
Electronic Medical Records: Promises, Pitfalls, and Pearls for Pain Physicians
Chad Parvus-Teichmann, M.D.; Chaturani Ranasinghe, MD
Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks: Does Automated Intermittent Bolus Administration Provide Any Benefit Compared With a Continuous Infusion?
Rodney Gabriel, MD, MAS; Brian M Ilfeld, MD, MS
Anesthesia in Ambon: The Challenges and the Mission
steven coppens
Emerging Use of Radiofrequency Ablation Technology: Successful Ablative Treatment of Painful Vertebral Metastases
Magdalena Anitescu, MD, PhD; SaadAli, MD
Ketamine: A Versatile Tool in the Perioperative Period and Beyond
Eric S. Schwenk, MD
Complementary Pain Treatments: Back to Acupuncture
David Kim, M.D.; Anna Woodbury, MD, LAc
What Is ISO 80369-6:2016?
Brian E. Harrington, M.D.


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