Articles by Anthony Machi, MD

Assistant Professor; Fellowship Director, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Emerging Technologies in Acute Pain Medicine
February 2020, Feb 1, 2020, - Mastoora Nasiri, MD; Linda Le-Wendling, MD; Barys V. Ihnatsenka, MD; Patrick Tighe, MD, MS; Anthony Machi, MD
Virtual Reality for Pain Management: A Guide to Clinical Implementation
August 2020, Aug 1, 2020, - Navid Alem, MD; Anthony Machi, MD; Shalini Shah, MD
Literature Review
August 2020, Aug 1, 2020, - Sudheer Potru, DO; Anthony Machi, MD
Literature Review
November 2020, - Jerry W. Jones, MD; Anthony Machi, MD; Sudheer Potru, DO
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