Articles by Priyanka Ghosh, MD

Interventional Pain Fellow, Weill Cornell Medicine

Regional Anesthesia Articles of the Year, 2017
May 2018, May 1, 2018, - Christopher Lam, MD; Priyanka Ghosh, MD; Thomas Cochran, MD; Brian F. S. Allen, MD
Welcome to the Electronic Era for Regional Anesthesia
November 2019, Nov 1, 2019, - Reena John, DO; Priyanka Ghosh, MD
Chronic Pain: Why Do We Treat the Whole Person Last, When Good Evidence Says We Should Do It First?
February 2020, Feb 1, 2020, - Jenna Walters, MD; Priyanka Ghosh, MD
Kambin’s Triangle Approach to Transforaminal Epidural Injections
February 2020, Feb 1, 2020, - Priyanka Ghosh, MD; Lynn R. Kohan, MD, MS; Veena Graff, MD, MS
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