21st Annual Pain Medicine Meeting

“Making Connections”

November 17-19, 2022 | Orlando, Florida

Problem-Based Learning Discussions

open to all attendees | $90 additional fee, includes lunch | 1 CME credit

This is your chance to discuss a focused topic with a content expert in a small group setting (8 participants). Each table represents a different topic. (You must choose your topic when registering, and you are not permitted to move to other topics or tables.)

PBLD-01: Buprenorphine Waiver Challenges and Successes
PBLD-02: Researcher Networking Session: Funding, Promotion, and Ideas
PBLD-03: Physician Mentorship and Leadership Special Interest Group: Achieving Your Next Goal
PBLD-04: Connecting and Supporting LGBTQ+ Physicians and Patients
PBLD-05: Telemedicine Is Here to Stay: Time to Make It Efficient
PBLD-06: Dorsal Root Ganglion, Spinal Cord Stimulation, Burst, and High-Frequency: Oh My! How to Choose the Right Neuromodulation Therapy for Your Patient
PBLD-07: Regenerative Medicine: Tips and Tricks for Implementing This Modality into Your Practice
PBLD-08: So You Want to Be a Pain Fellow? Strategies for Matching into Your Top Pain Medicine Program
PBLD-09: Entrepreneurs in Pain Medicine: How to Launch Your Ideas
PBLD-10: Bizarre Chronic Pain Symptoms: Could It Be COVID-Related?
PBLD-12: Radiofrequency Beyond the Spine: Indications and Evidence
PBLD-14: Prescribing Opioids for the Patient Using (Legal or Medicinal) Marijuana: Is It Safe? Are You Safe?
PBLD-15: Ex-Pats in Pain Medicine - Practical Advice for Practicing in a New Country



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