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Episode 46: Surprise Billing with the Private Practice SIG

Aug 9, 2022, 03:11 AM by ASRA RAPP


Raj Gupta (@dr_rajgupta) joins Regulatory Consultant Bob Jasak, and #PrivatePracticeSIG leaders Maggie Holtz, Jennifer Noerenberg, and Jerry Jones, to discuss the new Federal balance billing and patient cost-sharing protections (#NoSurprisesAct), what the federal law means for state regulation of surprise bills, and more. Streamed 6/28/2022.

-  Bob Jasak, JD (@HHSPolicy)
-  Maggie Holtz, MD (@HoltzMaggie)
- Jennifer Noerenberg, MD (@DrJeniMD)
- Jerry Jones, MD (@Jerryblocksthat)



Thanks to The Preps from Philadelphia, PA for the music: “Hindsight" and “Left Behind". The band features Steve Breslin on vocals/guitars, Bryan Schwenk on guitars/vocals, Jeff Frederick on bass, and Eric Schwenk on drums.

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