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ASRA Survey Policy

Jan 22, 2021


ASRA Survey Policy: Dissemination of Member Surveys

ASRA is committed to supporting research in the fields of regional anesthesia and acute and chronic pain. As part of this commitment, the ASRA Board of Directors will consider the dissemination of independent research surveys conducted by ASRA members through the use of email blasts to ASRA members. This is a benefit of ASRA membership. This policy applies to research studies that are not affiliated with formal ASRA research.

The following is required for the survey to be approved for email distribution. 

  • The study must be approved by the ASRA Board of Directors for dissemination, based on the merit of the study itself and its applicability to the fields of regional anesthesia, acute pain, and/or chronic pain.
  • The survey submitter must provide the following.
    • The survey questions
    • The study investigators and affiliations
    • Contact name(s) for recipients to address any questions or concerns
    • An estimate of the time it will take to complete the study
    • The purpose of the study and what will be done with the results
    • Assurances of anonymity and/or confidentiality of response data
    • Identification of the IRB that approved the study
    • The deadline to complete the survey
  • The survey submitter must indicate what segment of the ASRA membership should receive the survey (e.g., active members, trainees, international members, non-physicians, chronic versus acute specialty).
  • The survey submitter must indicate the desired/preferred date(s) of distribution and/or deadline for completion.

Note the following: 

  • Only one member survey can be in distribution at one time.
  • Each ASRA member and institution may only take advantage of the survey distribution benefit once within a 12-month period.

Additional dissemination of non-ASRA surveys through other mechanisms such as social media is at the discretion of the ASRA Board of Directors.

Submit a survey for review by the ASRA Board of Directors here.

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