ASRA Issues Position on the Use of Cannabis for Medical Purposes

Oct 5, 2016

ASRA has issued a formal statement calling for rescheduling of marijuana and more clinical outcome research to determine its safety and effectiveness as a medical intervention.

The ASRA Board of Directors approved the "ASRA Statement on Cannabis" at its September 30th Board meeting. In it, ASRA notes the limitations of available evidence, compounded by its classification as a Schedule 1 substance with "no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse." ASRA urges the federal government to remove research barriers by downgrading marijuana to a Schedule II substance, which would enable study in clinical trials. Doing so would help researchers better understand who can benefit from its use as well as aid in development of agents with minimal side effects. 

Additionally, ASRA "pleads" to the National Institutes of Health to implement guidelines to encourage clinical research of various cannabis preparations, to better understand the long-term safety profile, and to compare marijuana to other analgesics. 

Read the entire position here.


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