RAPM Journal Impact Factor Continues to Rise

Jun 15, 2017

Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (RAPM), the official journal of ASRA, just announced that its Impact Factor for 2016 has reached 3.515, its highest in the last five years. According to Editor Marc Huntoon, MD, "This is a great testimony to the work [being done] for ASRA in propelling the society ever higher, and I am grateful ... for the opportunity to lead the journal."

ASRA President Asokumar Buvanendran, MD, echoed Huntoon's comments and, speaking on behalf of the ASRA Board of Directors, congratulated and thanked Huntoon and the journal staff for their hard work on behalf of the journal.

A journal's Impact Factor represents the relative importance of the journal within its field of study based on a calculation that includes the frequency of citation within other journals. Journal Citation Reports (JCR), currently published by Thomson-Reuters, has appeared annually since 1975. According to its website, "The impact factor can be used to provide a gross approximation of the prestige of journals in which individuals have been published."

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