Call for Case Studies

Jun 23, 2017

Do you have an interesting case study to share for discussion and feedback? ASRA's quarterly newsletter, ASRA News, is looking for case studies to discuss as part of its Problem-Based Learning Discussion (PBLD) feature. To participate, send your de-identified cases to the ASRA News for consideration. 

In addition, please let us know if we can count on you as a contact to reply to cases and provide your opinion on how you would manage the case.  Please send your name, practice setting, and contact information to A variety of respondents will be invited to comment on each case study, including via potential discussions on Twitter.

Problem-based learning discussions are a great way to learn more about a topic through interactive learning. According to Magda Anitescu, MD, "[Participants] learn by interacting with each other without limiting the discussions to a single correct path or answer." 

Watch for the next ASRA News PBLD in the August edition, coming soon!

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