Better Understand Regenerative Medicine and Use It in Your Practice

By Dmitri Souza, MD, PhD    Aug 23, 2017

Regenerative medicine is an exciting area of medicine – one that challenges the imagination as we think of rebuilding, restoring, and repairing damaged tissue and organs. The expansion of the clinical applications of regenerative medicine has a potential for reshaping and invigorating pain medicine practice. Pain physicians are particularly qualified to practice regenerative medicine, based on their clinical skills they obtained during their training. These include target delivery of therapeutic agents and routine monitoring of treatment outcomes. 

I invite you to attend Parallel Session 2b on “Regenerative Medicine” at the 16th Annual Pain Medicine Meeting in which I will present along with three of my colleagues, Dr. Ricardo Vallejo, MD, Dr. Aaron Calodney, MD and Dr. Peter Cheng, MD. The session will cover the basics of regenerative medicine, as well as a number of specific regenerative medicine modalities for treatment of back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions. Topics include tedinopathy and sport injury uses, with indications and common regenerative medicine techniques for their treatment; osteoarthritis and the use of regenerative medicine options for the treatment of degenerative joint disease; and intradiscal regenerative therapies and assessing regenerative medicine applications for discogenic pain.

To build on this learning, the Half-Day Special Session Ultrasound Workshop on Regenerative Medicine, will be held Friday November 17 from 2-6:45 pm, providing an opportunity for hands-on instruction with a live model. This workshop will address percutaneous fenestration and barbotage for tendinopathy, platelet rich plasma injections, and large joint injections.

If you’re interested in regenerative medicine, I further urge you to consider attending the Regenerative Pain Medicine Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting which will be held in conjunction with the Pain Medicine Meeting. The timing of the meeting will be announced at a later date and available in the program guide and meeting app for attendees. The SIG provides a wonderful opportunity for members to learn more about the scientific basis of regenerative medicine and promote the development of evidence-based clinical applications to relieve chronic pain. I hope to see you there!

Dmitri Souza, MD, PhD, (formerly known as Souzdalnitski) is a professor of anesthesiology at Western Reserve Hospital in Cleveland, OH. He is also a member of ASRA’s Ultrasound Course Committee, chair of ASRA’s Regenerative Pain SIG, and a founding member of ASRA’s Functional Medicine SIG.

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