ASRA Comments on Opioid Product and Policy Issues

Dec 6, 2017

ASRA submitted comments to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today regarding its efforts to stem the public health crisis from the opioid epidemic. A letter was submitted to FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb clarifying its stance on four specific areas of opioid policy.

  • ASRA agrees with the current view that proper prescribing and dispensing are critical and urges the FDA to apply REMS to IR opioids.
  • ASRA recommends that the FDA work with provider groups to develop guidelines for proper opioid prescribing rather than specify details for proper opioid use in product labeling.
  • ASRA encourages the FDA to incorporate medically appropriate alternative treatment options into its public communications, educational materials, and risk/benefit assessments on postoperative pain management, including techniques like nerve blocks, preemptive analgesia, and regional anesthesia.
  • ASRA urges further research and education into postoperative acute pain management techniques and has offered to participate in the development of research priorities, actual research, and dissemination of outcomes.

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