ASRA Shares Concerns About ACGME Program Requirements for Pain Medicine

Oct 16, 2018

ASRA recently sent comments to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education regarding its proposal to remove the requirement of only one accredited pain fellowship per institution.

The ASRA Board of Directors states that allowing competing pain fellowships within the same institution will significantly compromise the cooperative multidisciplinary education of future pain fellows. It would also increase competition for patients and institutional resources, thereby draining these fellowships of the resources needed to adequately run a fellowship training program and also compromising the quality of the training program.

The letter states that:

"Pain medicine, as a specialty, was conceived as a multidisciplinary fellowship, requiring multiple disciplines to be involved in training and allowing the same fellowship to be sponsored by any of the original four core disciplines. Therefore, ASRA supports pain medicine fellowships based in any of the four qualified disciplines. The Society is also supportive of increasing the number of pain fellowship programs in the country to enable more pain medicine physicians trained to fully address the needs of patients during this crucial time, where the nation is fighting an opioid epidemic. However, we cannot support the proposal to have more than one program per institution."

Read the full letter here.

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