Multisociety Pain Workgroup Responds to Oregon Proposal to Allow APRNs to Supervise Radiologic Technologists

Nov 21, 2019

ASRA has signed on to a letter by the Multisociety Pain Workgroup (MPW) that urges the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to adopt regulations that ensure appropriate training requirements for fluoroscopic-guided interventional spine procedures.

The OHA has proposed regulation to expand opportunities for advanced practice providers to supervise fluoroscopic-guided procedures. The 10 professional society authors of the letter advise the OHA to consider the Spine Intervention Society's Position Statement on Prerequisite Training for the Performance of Spine Interventions as well as the American Medical Association’s Pain Management Practice Parameter (H-410.950) Invasive Pain Management Procedures for the Treatment of Chronic Pain, Including Procedures Using Fluoroscopy. These documents provide support for extensive training to prevent, recognize, and handle serious complications that can occur during these procedures. 

Read the full letter here.

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