We’re Proud of How We’re Doing, But We Can Do Better

By Angie Stengel, MS, CAE, Executive Director    Apr 12, 2016

You may not be aware that last year was a major transition year for ASRA behind the scenes. The organization came under self-management and now has a full-time staff to support the organization and your needs as a member. We relaunched our website, made critical updates to our membership and registration systems, moved to a new office space, and even set up a new phone system.

All the while, we tried to make this transition appear seamless, remaining committed to providing high-quality, uninterrupted service to more than 4,000 members and customers.

Now, a year later, it’s time to assess our performance.

ASRA sent a Satisfaction Survey to the membership via email earlier this year. This was your opportunity to tell us what we’re doing right, what needs improvement, and what we need to be focusing on in the coming year.

What did we find?

First, the good news: Overall satisfaction was higher on every measure compared to 2015.

We were very pleased to see that the highest ranking satisfaction measures were the membership renewal process, the quality of the information provided in the ASRA News, and the knowledge and helpfulness of staff.

When asked how much they agreed with a set of statements about the value of ASRA, the top responses were

  1. “ASRA keeps me informed about the latest research in the field.”
  2. “ASRA keeps me informed about the latest news relevant to my practice.”
  3. “ASRA helps me be better at my job.”

The top benefits of membership were Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, practice advisories, a voice in the subspecialty.

We were additionally happy to see that the survey had a higher response rate than in 2015. Plus, we received a number of great suggestions for topics to include in future meetings and publications as well as new resources to help members. We are so appreciative for this wonderful feedback, which is exactly what is needed to keep the organization responsive and vibrant.

Amidst all of the positive feedback, however, we also learned that we have a few things to work on. For starters, more than half of the membership is not aware of special interest groups (SIGs). ASRA now has seven SIGs, including the Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, and Clinical Nurse SIG, approved in March. These groups offer a great way to interact with others who share common subspecialty interests and develop related resources and support. Participating in a SIG is a good way to get involved in the organization, and SIGs have a voice in topics for upcoming meetings and as think tanks for new products and services. Check out all of the SIGs here.

The other thing we learned in the survey comments was that some people feel ASRA is not inclusive. We have made many strides in addressing this concern over the year, but obviously more work must be done. In the coming year, you will see more opportunities to get involved, calls for new associate faculty, calls of topics for our annual meetings, and a stronger focus on recruiting new members to committees during our annual call in September. We’ve even added new ways for you to tell us what you think should be on the website and provide feedback on the ASRA News.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. But if I can ask one thing in the future, it’s this – don’t wait until a survey or evaluation form to tell us what you think. ASRA is a membership organization – created, owned, and run by YOU, the members. If there is something you need, just let us know.


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