Distinguished Service Award

ASRA annually recognizes someone who has made important contributions to our specialty through our Distinguished Service Award (DSA).  Past recipients of the DSA have made extraordinary contributions to the science, teaching, or practice of regional anesthesia and/or pain medicine and often have had active involvement in ASRA.

The DSA celebrates individuals who have made broad contributions over time. The individual's contributions may have resulted in any one (or several) of the following:

  • Growth of a subspecialty of regional anesthesia or pain medicine
  • Evolution of the knowledge base that guides practice
  • Enhancement of education programs
  • Significant changes in governance or the political milieu for regional anesthesia or pain medicine
  • New understanding of pain mechanisms or of regional anesthesia
  • Improved patient care, satisfaction, and outcome. 

As noted above, these contributions could include scholarly activity (remember that the Gaston Labat and John Bonica Awards specifically recognize scholarly activity), but may also celebrate clinical teaching or service to ASRA or the scientific and medical specialties practiced by ASRA members. Individuals who have received ASRA’s Gaston Labat or John Bonica Awards are not disqualified from receiving the DSA. Current members of the ASRA Board of Directors are not eligible (see full list here).

Nominations must be made using the DSA nomination form. Two to three reasons why the candidate meets the criteria for the award are required, along with a copy of the individual's CV. If necessary, ASRA can request a copy of the CV from the nominee.


Past Winners:

1988 B. Raymond Fink, MD
1989 L. Donald Bridenbaugh, MD
1990 Gertie Marx, MD
1991 Harold Carron, MD

John A. Hinckley

Jess B. Weiss, MD

1993 Jordan Katz, MD
1994 Albert Van Steenberg, MD
1995 Hans Nolte, MD

John A. DeKrey, MD

Gerard W. Ostheimer, MD

1997 Terence M. Murphy, MD
1998 Boardman C. Wang, MD
1999 Michael Stanton-Hicks, MD
2000 Narinder Rawal, MD, PhD
2001 Stephen E. Abram, MD
2002 Jose C.A. Carvalho, MD, PhD, FANZCA
2003 Andre Van Zundert, MD, PhD
2004 Denise J. Wedel, MD

P. Prithvi Raj, MD

Alon P. Winnie, MD

2006 Lynn M. Broadman, MD
2007 John C. Rowlingson, MD


David Brown, MD


Terese Horlocker, MD
2010 Honorio Benzon, MD
2011 Guy Weinberg, MD
2012 James Eisenach, MD
2013 Richard Rosenquist, MD
2014 F. Michael Ferrante, MD
2015 Manbir Batra, MD
2016 Santhanam Suresh, MD
2017 Vincent W.S. Chan, MD, FRCPC
2018 Greg Liguori, MD
2019 Mark J. Lema, MD, PhD
Joseph M. Neal, MD
2020 Marc Huntoon, MD