John J. Bonica Award

2020 John J. Bonica Award recipient Dr. Philip Peng

 The American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine John J. Bonica Award is presented annually at the Annual Pain Medicine Meeting to an individual for his or her outstanding contributions to the development, teaching, and practice of pain medicine in the tradition of John J. Bonica, MD, a champion of multidisciplinary collaboration in the evaluation and treatment of patients with pain. 

Past Winners:

1988 Michael J. Cousins, MD, FANZCA
1989 Tony Yakish, PhD
1990 Daniel C. Moore, MD
1991 Kenneth L. Casey, MD
1992 Stephen E. Abram, MD
1993 Henrik Kehlet, MD
1994 Laurence E. Mather, PhD
1995 John D. Loeser, MD
1996 Robert A. Boas, MB
1997 David H. Chestnut, MD
1998 Allan I. Basbaum, PhD
1999 Robert Elde, PhD
2000 Geral Gebhardt, PhD
2001 Donna L. Hammond, PhD
2002 Maria Fitgerald, PhD
2003 Christopher M. Bernards, MD
2004 Daniel B. Carr, MD
2005 James C. Eisenach, MD
2006 Howard L. Fields, MD, PhD
2007 John C. Rowlingson, MD
2008 Fernando Cervero, MD, PhD, DSc
2009 P. Prithvi Raj, MD
2010 Srinivasa N. Raja, MD
2011 James P. Rathmell, MD
2012 Jianren Mao, MD, PhD
2013 Richard L. Rauck, MD
2014 Steven P. Cohen, MD
2015 Richard Rosenquist, MD
2016 Honorio Benzon, MD
2017 Michael Stanton-Hicks, MD

Charles Berde, MD


Nagy Mekhail, MD, PhD


Philip Peng, MBBS, FRCPC, Founder (Pain Medicine)

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