Problem-Based Learning Discussions

Have Lunch with an Expert!

Thursday, April 19, 2018, 12-1 pm

PBLD learning opportunities are case-based, small group, problem-solving discussions at tables of 10 with an expert faculty facilitator. Learners choose from a broad range of topics with a focus on real life clinical issues and practical solutions and strategies. $90 additional fee; includes lunch. 1 CME credit each.

PBLD-01 Ambulatory Breast Surgery: When to Do Paravertebral Block vs. PEC / Serratus Plane
PBLD-02 TAP, Quadratus Lumborum, Erector Spinae Plane, and Retrolaminar Block: When and Why
PBLD-03 Worthwhile Adjuvants to Local Anesthetics in Peripheral and Neuraxial Blocks
PBLD-04 Nerve Injury After Regional Anesthesia: Best Practices and Medical and Legal Perspectives
PBLD-05 Tough Choices: Regional or General Anesthesia for Fractured Hip Surgery
PBLD-06 Persistent Headache After One Epidural Blood Patch: What to do Next?
PBLD-07 Managing Acute Pain Challenges in Pediatric Patients
PBLD-08 Don't Block that Patient: He May Develop a Compartment Syndrome! 
PBLD-09 Strategies to Leverage Your Value Within the Healthcare System
PBLD-10 Radiofrequency for Low Back Pain
PBLD-11 Spinal Cord Stimulation Programming: What the Clinician Needs to Know
PBLD-12 Medical Marijuana and Pain Practice
PBLD-13 Cancer Pain: Incorporating Neurolytic Blocks into Your Practice
PBLD-14 Opioids: Appropriate Management and Risk Mitigation Strategies
PBLD-15 Regenerative Medicine: Evidence, Patient Selection, and Practice Incorporation