ASRA Coags 2.0

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ASRA Coags makes the ASRA Anticoagulation Guidelines a quick and easy reference for your practice. It provides quick access to drug-specific summary information.

This app was developed based on the latest ASRA anticoagulation guidelines:


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The ASRA LAST app facilitates the use of the ASRA Checklist for Treatment of Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity during real time patient events or simulation training. Not only do we focus on the dosing and timing of lipid emulsion for a LAST event, but we ensure that providers don’t forget critical ACLS steps as they are integrated into this modified treatment algorithm. This app was built with collaboration from the ASRA Board and Dr. Guy Weinberg, the pioneer and expert in lipid emulsion treatment for local anesthetic toxicity and director of LipidRescue.

  • The app provides step by step instructions and reminders for key events throughout the algorithm.
  • Weight based calculations for drug dosing throughout the app.
  • Cyclically timed reminders for Pulse Recheck, CPR, drug dosing, and more.
  • Differential pathways for pulseless and pulsatile toxicity events.
  • Reminders for seizure management.
  • In-app quick reference links to the published Checklist,, and LipidRescue.

We’ve also included the ability to generate a Report of all the timed events during the use of the app. This report can be saved, printed, or emailed as needed by the user. In addition, we’ve added the ability for the user to voluntarily submit their report with additional demographic information to LipidRescue so that Dr. Guy Weinberg can continue to share individual experiences of this rare event with the world in an effort to improve outcomes.

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ASRA Timeout

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Timeouts have repeatedly been shown to reduce human error prior to performing complex tasks. In regional anesthesia, it is imperative that we perform the correct block on the correct limb for the correct patient every time.

This app is based on the 2014 ASRA publication, A Checklist for Performing Regional Nerve Blocks, and was built in collaboration with ASRA to stay consistent with the evidence-based checklist described in that publication.

The ASRA TIMEOUT app checklist provides in-line app switching to the ASRA Coags app when the verification of patient anticoagulant status needs to be checked off. The ASRA Coags app allows the user to verify the appropriateness of the patient’s anticoagulation status based on the most recent published ASRA guidelines on regional anesthesia for patients on anticoagulant and antithrombotic medication.

In addition, the user has access to the full PDF publication from Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine built right into the app.

ASRA Apps Bundle

If you are an iOS user, download the ASRA Apps Bundle and get ASRA Coags Regional, ASRA Timeout, and ASRA LAST for just $7.99.

The ASRA Apps were developed at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Special thanks to Dr. Rajnish Gupta for his work developing the ASRA Apps. Code written by Mustard Seed Software LLC.