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The goals of the ASRA Headache SIG are to:

  • Promote the exchange and sharing of new information, ideas, and innovations concerning interventions and treatments for headache syndromes amongst the various interested, multidisciplinary specialists in headache (pain management specialists, neurologists, psychiatrists).
  • Define pain fellowship headache learning objectives from a multidisciplinary group of pain management specialists with expertise and interest in headache.
  • Develop curricula resources for common headache syndromes and headache interventions pertinent to the pain management specialist.
  • Sponsor a(n) educational module(s) yearly at ASRA's Annual Pain Medicine meeting each fall.
  • Standardize the indications, approaches, and techniques for headache related pain management procedures and (long-term) develop interventional headache practice recommendations.
  • Identify research areas of need and encourage clinical outcomes research of pain management headache interventions.

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