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The Spring 2019 meeting in fabulous Las Vegas is going to be exciting and incredibly fun. We have a dynamic group of faculty including many of the experts in regional anesthesia and pain medicine along with a host of fresh faces that will be the leaders in the next decade. ASRA is focused on the topics of the future and giving its attendees a meeting full of new ideas and principles for their practice. Highlights include:

  • Understanding and Fixing the Opioid Epidemic
    Bending the curve in the opioid epidemic is critical to modern healthcare. We have multiple sessions on understanding this problem, using alternatives to opioids, the impact of regional anesthesia in reducing opioids, and developing solutions.
  • Practice Management Portfolio (PMP) and Certificate of Attendance
    How to manage your practice or establish a new acute pain service while maximizing reimbursement. A broad experience of lectures, PBLDs, and interactive sessions with expert faculty that will be useful for academic and private practice physicians.
  • Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS)
    PoCUS is in high demand right now. We have incorporated lectures and workshops for attendees wanting a deep experience in PoCUS as well as introductory sessions for those new to the topic.
  • Comprehensive Workshops
    In-depth, clinically-focused workshops with low attendee-to-faculty ratios covering a variety of peripheral blocks for the upper and lower extremities as well as truncal procedures.
  • More Workshops on New and Advanced Blocks
    PECs and serratus plane blocks, erector spinae, iPACK blocks, transverse oblique lumbar plexus and quadratum lumbarum blocks, and adductor canal blocks.
  • Innovative topics on social media and the modern learner, interdisciplinary sessions with surgeons, engaging experiences learning from a patient’s point of view, and expert Q&A sessions on success in research
  • Multidisciplinary Experiences in Pediatric Regional, Obstetric Regional, Ambulatory Surgery, and Chronic Pain