Main meeting

Thursday, April 11

7:00 am  Registration and Breakfast in Foyer
7:45 am  Welcome and Opening Addresses
  Meeting Chair Welcome 
  ASRA Presidential Address: The Path Forward
8:15 am  Refresher Course - Regional Anesthesia: Anatomical Updates
  What We Have Learned about the Anatomy of the Nerve
  Optimal Needle Placement for Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
9:45 am Break and Refreshments in Foyer
10:00 am Refresher Course - Regional Anesthesia: Beyond the Basics
  Single-Shot vs. Continuous Catheters on Reducing Opioid Consumption
  How Do You Prolong a Block without a Catheter?
  Outcomes from RA: Beyond the PACU
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
12:00 pm Lunch On Own
12:15 pm Problem-Based Learning Discussions (PBLD) Lunch 
  (open to all, additional fee, lunch included, see list)
1:30 pm
Special Session - ASRA Research Update and Best of Meeting Abstracts
  ASRA Research Committee Chair Update 
  Abstract 6582: Chloroprocaine vs. Prilocaine for Spinal Anesthesia in Day-Case Knee Arthroscopy: A Double-Blind Randomized Trial
  Abstract 6973: A Non-Inferiority Trial of Ultrasound Guided Bilateral Rectus Sheath Block with Multimodal Analgesia Versus Intrathecal Morphine in Gynaecological Oncology Surgery
  Abstract 7368: Lidocaine Infusion During Hip Arthroplasty Modulates the Surgical Immune Response and Decreases Postoperative Pain
  Abstract 6562: Comparison of 3 Perioperative Analgesic Approaches for Patients Undergoing Major Lower Extremity Amputation
  Abstract 6751: The Effect of Perioperative IV Acetaminophen Administration on Intraoperative and Postoperative Opioid Use and Pain Scores in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
  Adjournment and Transition to Next Session
2:15 pm Refresher Course - Defining the Problem with the US Surgeon General
  Opioid Epidemic: Perspectives from the Surgeon General
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
3:30 pm Break and Refreshments in Foyer
3:45 pm Refresher Course - Opioid Epidemic: The Acute Pain Physician Bending the Curve
  Perioperative Opioids in Adolescents and Susceptibility to Addiction
  Impact of Modern Multimodals on Opioid Reduction
  Optimizing the Perioperative Pain Management of Patients in an Opioid World
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
5:15 pm Special Event - Wine and Bubbly Networking Reception and Exhibit Hall Grand Opening
  (free to all attendees, guest tickets: $30) 

Friday, April 12

7:30 am Getting Started - Breakfast, Exhibition, ePosters, ASRA Chat Room, Internet Café
8:00 am PS-01a Parallel Session - (PMP) From the Upside-Down: Regional Anesthesia as Seen from the Other Side
  C-Suite: Pros/Cons of Regional Anesthesia as a Value to Health Care Economics
  Anesthesiologist's View: The Impact of Regional Anesthesia in Advancing Pain Management for Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery
  Surgeon's Opinion: How Choice of Anesthesia Affects Outcomes and Recovery
  Patient's Perspective: What Does the Patient Hear about the Risks and Benefits of Regional Anesthesia?
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
8:00 am PS-01b Parallel Session - Managing Failure and Complications in Regional Anesthesia
  Management of Nerve Injury
  Rebound Pain after Regional Anesthesia
  Failed Blocks/Catheters Especially at Home
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
9:30 am Break in Exhibit Hall - Refreshments, Exhibition, ePosters, ASRA Chat Room, Internet Café
10:15 am PS-02a Parallel Session - (PMP) Lessons to Improve Your Practice 
  Impact of the Changing Healthcare Law on your Practice
  Survive and Thrive: Building and Growing your Regional Practice (Private Practice and Academic)
  Dealing with Variable Competence within your Group
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
10:15 am PS-02b Parallel Session - Moving Joint Surgery into the Future
  ERAS Protocol for Hip Fracture (Include Multimodal, Opioid Minimization, Femoral Block/Cath)
  TKA and THA in the Outpatient Arena
  Moving Shoulder Arthroplasty Away from the Hospital
  ASRA Guidelines: Tranexamic Acid in Total Joint Arthroplasty
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
11:45 am  Non-CME Ancillary Events by TBD (lunch included)
11:45 am Lunch On Own
1:00 pm ASA and ESRA Presidential Updates
  ASA Presidential Update
  ESRA Presidential Update
  Adjournment and Transition to Next Session 
1:45 pm PS-03a Parallel Session - Alternatives to Opioids
  Cannabinoids: Utilization for Inpatient/Outpatient Care
  ASRA Guidelines: Use of Intravenous Ketamine Infusions for Acute Pain
  Cryoneurolysis and Percutaneous Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
1:45 pm PS-03b Parallel Session - ASRA/ESRA Panel: ERAS Protocols from Around the World
  Regional Anesthesia and ERAS: The European Experience
  Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management in a Nationalized Health System
  Green Anesthesia: Lessons from an International Perspective
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
3:15 pm Break in Exhibit Hall - Refreshments, Exhibition, ePosters, ASRA Chat Room, Internet Café
4:00 pm PS-04a Parallel Session - Intersection Between Chronic and Acute Pain Services
  Management of the Opioid Tolerant Patient in Acute Pain
  Preoperative Psychological Intervention
  Managing the Acute Pain Patient with Spinal Cord Stimulator or Intrathecal Pump
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
4:00 pm PS-04b Parallel Session - Ambulatory Surgery and Regional Anesthesia
  Shoulder and Elbow Replacements in Less than 24 Hours
  Chloroprocaine for Catheter Infusions
  Strategies for Financial and Logistical Efficiency for a Regional Program in an Ambulatory Surgery Center
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum

Saturday, April 13

7:30 am Getting Started - Breakfast, Exhibition, ePosters, ASRA Chat Room, Internet Café
8:00 am  PS-05a Parallel Session - PoCUS SIG
  PoCUS Applications that Are Useful in My Practice: Case Discussion
  Integrating PoCUS to Residency Training and Anesthesia Practice
  Medico-Legal and Certification Aspects of PoCUS
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
8:00 am PS-05b Parallel Session - Pediatric Regional Anesthesia SIG
  Sonographic Imaging of the Neuraxis
  Updates on Caudal Catheters
  Update on Pediatric Regional Anesthesia Safety Data
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
9:30 am Break in Exhibit Hall - Refreshments, Exhibition, ePosters, ASRA Chat Room, Internet Café
10:15 am PS-06a Parallel Session - Novel Blocks: Evidence Based or Flights of Fancy
  How to Block the Knee without Blocking the Knee
  Chest Wall Blocks
  Abdominal Wall Blocks
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
10:15 am  PS-06b Parallel Session - Obstetric Regional Anesthesia
  The Anticoagulation Debate and the Impact of the New Guidelines
  Spinal Sonography in the Obstetric Patient
  Programmed Intermittent Bolus vs. Bolus vs. Continuous Infusion for Obstetric Epidurals
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
11:45 am Special Event - Excellence in ASRA Awards Luncheon
  Buffet Lunch Service (lunch tickets: $10 member, $20 non-member)
  Carl Koller Memorial Research Grant Update
  Introduction to 2019 Gaston Labat Award Recipient 
  Gaston Labat Lecture: Auld Lang Syne
  Adjournment and Move to Next Session
1:15 pm PS-07a Parallel Session - Acute Pain Management's Role in Improving Long Term Outcomes
  Does RA Impact Functional Recovery after Joint Surgery after the Immediate Postop Period?
  Choices in the Operating Room: Do they Effect the Development of Chronic Pain?
  Perioperative RA in Prevention of Cancer Recurrance: The Latest Data
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
1:15 pm PS-07b Parallel Session - Personalized Medicine and Machine Learning in Acute Pain Management
  Postsurgical Pain Syndromes: Can we Predict who will Develop Them? 
  Leveraging Machine Learning to Personalize Acute Pain Management
  Primer on Machine Learning: Utilization of Large Data Set Analyses to Individualize Pain Management
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
2:45 pm Break and Refreshments in Foyer
3:00 pm  PS-08a Parallel Session - Interactive Session: Pro/Con Controversies in Regional Anesthesia
  To Block or Not to Block: Trauma/Compartment Syndrome, Preexisting Nerve Injury, Spinal Hardware, Indwelling Pumps, and Stimulators
   - Pro
   - Con
   - Rebuttals (5 minutes each)
  Awake vs. Asleep Blocks: Have We Learned Anything from Pediatric Regional Anesthesia?
   - Pro: Asleep Blocks
   - Con: Asleep Blocks
   - Rebuttals (5 minutes each)
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
3:00 pm  PS-08b Parallel Session - Education in Regional Anesthesia SIG: The Modern Learner
  Social Media
  Just in Time Learning: eLearning
  Dealing with the Information Firehose
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum: Twitter and Meeting App
4:30 pm  Session Adjournment and Free Time
7:00 pm

Special Event - ASRA Annual Meeting Celebration: A Night at the Omnia

(tickets: $50 member, $75 non-member, 21 and over only)