Thursday, April 11, 12:15-1:15 pm

(open to all, $90, includes lunch)

PBLD-01 Managing the Chronic Pain Patient in the Acute Pain Service
PBLD-02 Assessment and Management of Neurologic Deficits
PBLD-03 Do Patients Need a Nerve Catheter: Experience with Perineural Buprenorphine and other Adjuvants
PBLD-04 How Do I Get Started with PoCUS at My Hospital?
PBLD-05 Teaching the Teachers: How to Use Modern Education Science to Improve Your Teaching
PBLD-06 I’m Scared to Do Blocks on Kids: Are They Really Necessary?
PBLD-07 Regional Anesthesia Alternatives to Epidurals for Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery: The Value of Fascial Plane Blocks
PBLD-08 What’s the Best Anesthetic for Breast Cancer Surgery?
PBLD-09 Strategies to Managing an Effective Home Catheter Program in Private Practice
PBLD-10 Contract Negotiation Tips with Your Group and Hospital
PBLD-11 ACOs, MACRA/MIPs and Regional Anesthesia: How to Survive and Prosper
PBLD-12 What Do I Need to Start Up a New Acute Pain Service?
PBLD-13 How to Make your Practice Financially Viable: Alternative Payment Models
PBLD-14 Strategies in Dealing with Patients on Maintenance Methadone or Buprenorphine Having Surgery
PBLD-15 Best Practices for Managing Physician Burnout in a Fast-Paced Practice
PBLD-16 Is Social Media Safe? Navigating the Minefields of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
PBLD-17 How Do I Handle a Surgeon that Is Absolutely Against Regional Anesthesia?
PBLD-18 Prevention of Post-Amputation Pain by Regional Anesthesiologists and Acute Pain Specialists: How Your Tools Intersect with the Basic Science
PBLD-19 How to Evaluate Respiratory Distress After an Upper Extremity Block
PBLD-20 Should Non-Anesthesiologists be Performing Regional Anesthesia?