Practice Management Portfolio

Saturday, November 16

8:00 am  PMP-01 ASRA-ASA Practice Management Portfolio
Prospering in the Current Healthcare Environment: Update 2019
  Welcome and Introductions
  Pros and Cons of a Small Group Practice
  Pros and Cons of a Large Group Practice
  Practice Models Part I: Pure Office Based Practice
  Practice Models Part II: Office Based and Ambulatory Surgery Care Center Hybrid Practice
  Practice Models Part III: Transitional Pain Clinic
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
10:45 am  PMP-02 ASRA-ASA Practice Management Portfolio
The Business of Pain: Understanding the World We Work In
  Medical Billing: Ins and Outs and Updates for 2020
  What to Look For In a Contract: Understanding Before You Sign
  Revenue Management: Capturing Charges, Revenue Recovery, and AR Management Strategies
  Risk Management Strategies
  The Threat to Academic Pain Programs: Interventionalists Embedded in Surgical Practices
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum
2:15 pm  PMP-03 ASRA-ASA Practice Management Portfolio
Making It Work: Optimizing Your Care Team to Ensure Success
  Stronger Together: Coordinating Care in a Practice of Physician and Non-Physician Care Extenders
  Multidisciplinary Pain Clinics: How to Build a Center for Streamlined Care
  How to Cultivate Patient and Referral Source Loyalty
  Dual Care: Outpatient and Inpatient - How to Ensure a Successful Multi-Site Pain Program
  Strategies to Manage Patient Satisfactions Scores in the Current Opioid Crisis
  Panel Discussion and Open Forum