Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the 45th Annual Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine Meeting taking place April 23-25, 2020, in San Francisco, California! We are extremely excited for you to experience the incredible program we have put together. By listening to our members, we have created lectures, interactive sessions, and workshops geared towards your needs as our acute pain specialty continues to evolve into the future. We are eager to introduce new faculty experts while still honoring those who have built our specialty to what it is today.

As acute pain physicians, we are uniquely positioned to be the leaders in perioperative medicine. We are going to fully evaluate our integral role as drivers in enhanced recovery and what role opioids play in perioperative pain management in light of the current opioid epidemic. As the PACU is not the finish line, we have brought together leaders in our field to discuss our impact on outcomes, the pain trajectory and predicting postoperative pain, the transitional pain service, and novel therapies including cannabinoids, next-generation opioids, and complementary integrative medicine.

And, as the acute pain service moves into the future, so does regional anesthesia. ASRA is dedicated to not only embracing our tradition with comprehensive experience in upper and lower extremity blocks, but continuing to introduce new techniques that can greatly help our patients, including erector spinae blocks, retrolaminar blocks, costoclavicular blocks, iPack blocks, pectoralis blocks, quadratus lumborum blocks, and more. Open scanning sessions and master classes in both adult and pediatric regional anesthesia will give participants of all levels time to further hone their skills and learn from our experts. Is the ultrasound the new stethoscope? Point-of-care ultrasound experts will debate this topic as well as help participants get hands-on experience in PoCUS. We’ve invited orthopedic surgeons to give their perspective on enhanced recovery and pain management in ambulatory joint surgery, joint revision surgery, and spine surgery.

We have continued the Practice Management Portfolio (PMP) to help anesthesiologists ensure viability and accountability of their regional and acute pain services in this challenging healthcare environment. We have also designed a special session on recognizing and combating burnout and enhancing physician wellness as it continues to plague medicine as a whole.

As we embrace the future of regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine in this innovative program with expert faculty and amazing networking opportunities in the city by the bay, the 2020 Spring ASRA meeting cannot be missed! We cannot wait to see you there!

Kind regards,


Jaime L. Baratta, MD

Chair, Scientific/Education Planning Committee 2020