Schedule at a glance

The Spring 2020 meeting in beautiful San Francisco is certain to be an unmatched educational experience and, of course, incredibly fun. We have a diverse group of faculty, including many of the experts in regional anesthesia and pain medicine and a number of fresh faces who are making an impact in our field. As we embrace the future of regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine, ASRA is focused on providing attendees a meeting full of novel ideas and principles for their practice. Highlights include:

  • Should ASRA Become the Perioperative Medicine Leaders and Drivers of ERAS?
    Looking beyond the PACU as the finish line and understanding outcomes is critical. We have multiple sessions understanding the science of enhanced recovery, roles anesthesiologists should be assuming outside the operating room, and procedure-specific protocols.
  • The Pain Trajectory
    The neurobiology of pain is complex. By understanding the course from acute pain to transitional pain to chronic pain, we can predict which patients are most at risk and intervene earlier as acute pain physicians. Our expert faculty will address this topic throughout the program.
  • Practice Management Portfolio (PMP) and Certificate of Attendance
    As healthcare evolves, we must understand how revenue is created in regional anesthesia and acute pain. This program will empower participants with the tools for consistency and reliability in regional anesthesia and acute pain service delivery. A broad experience of lectures, PBLDs, and interactive sessions with expert faculty will be useful for academic and private practice physicians.
  • Burnout and Physician Wellness
    Burnout continues to plague physicians with a significant impact on physician wellness and patient safety. This special session aims to address this issue by offering solutions participants can implement within their practices.
  • Comprehensive Workshops
    In-depth, clinically-focused workshops with low attendee-to-faculty ratios will cover a variety of peripheral blocks for the upper and lower extremities as well as truncal techniques.
  • More Workshops on New and Advanced Blocks
    Erector spinae blocks, pectoralis and serratus plane blocks, retrolaminar blocks, iPack blocks, costoclavicular blocks, and quadratus lumborum blocks will be covered.
  • Innovative Topics
    Hot-off-the press blocks, debating whether ultrasound is the new stethoscope, the role of technology and integrative medicine in acute pain management, and a comprehensive and interactive professional development session for how to thrive in regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine – these are just a few of the hot topics being offered.
  • Multidisciplinary Experiences
    Lectures and interactive sessions will include multidisciplinary discussion with orthopedic joint and spine surgeons and our chronic pain colleagues.

Acute Pain Highlights

  • Opioids: Past, Present and Future. What is the current role of opioids in light of the opioid epidemic? What is the future of next-generation opioids?
  • Renaming the Acute Pain Service as the Inpatient Pain Service
  • Focus on the Transitional Pain Service
  • Acute Pain Management in multiple joint revisions, the patient on opioid dependence treatment, the patient with chronic pain syndrome
  • Regional Anesthesia and Outcomes: What can we learn from Big Data? 

Regional Anesthesia Highlights

  • World expert faculty for lectures and workshops – Edward Mariano, Vincent Chan, Manoj Karmakar, Colin McCartney, Nabil Elkassabany, Karen Boretsky, Michael Barrington, Brian Sites, Ban Tsui, Sandra Kopp, Carlo Franco, Ki Jinn Chin, more
  • PoCUS with our experts Stephen Haskins, Anahi Perlas, and Jan Boublik
  • Open-Scanning sessions with our amazing faculty for participants looking to hone their skills
  • Master Classes with our expert faculty for those already proficient in regional anesthesia
  • New Blocks on the Block workshop with the latest concepts

Networking Opportunities

  • Wine and Bubbly Opening Networking Reception
  • Resident/Fellow and Fellowship Directors Meet and Greet
  • Saturday Celebration on the 46th floor overlooking beautiful San Francisco
  • Expansive exhibit hall located in the center of the lecture and workshop activity