On behalf of the Scientific/Education Planning Committee, we are delighted to invite you to the 19th Annual Pain Medicine Meeting, now fully virtual, taking place Friday, November 20-Sunday, November 22, 2020.

This dynamic event has been designed by the Scientific/Educational Planning Teams for both the 45th Annual Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine Meeting under the leadership of Chair Jaime Baratta, MD, and the 19th Annual Pain Medicine Meeting under the leadership of Chair Magdalena Anitescu, MD, PhD. No matter what your interests may be, you'll find plenty of relevant and engaging content in an exciting and interactive program. 

Dr. Anitescu

Chronic Pain Medicine Preview

by Magdalena Anitescu, MD, PhD
Co-Chair, Scientific/Education Planning Committee
Chair, 19th Annual Pain Medicine Meeting

The importance of pain medicine as a complex, dynamic, and ever-innovative medical specialty has never been so apparent. From the opioid epidemic to cutting-edge interventional techniques, qualified pain specialists and leaders need to come together and combine their knowledge and skills to lead their patients and health systems toward new perspectives in translational research and patient care, using scientifically sound, evidence-based techniques to improve patient outcomes.

This year’s annual meeting theme,“2020, Perfect Vision,” will be reflected throughout the meeting by national and international experts and leaders in pain medicine presenting the state of pain medicine in the year 2020 and the achievements, developments, and directions from the past, present, and future of our specialty.

We will explore the role of the pain specialist as a medical detective who is best equipped to identify what generates pain and treat it with a complexity of novel agents and interventions. In multispecialty panels, we will also highlight the importance of placing ourselves in each other’s shoes, investigating the various chronic pain syndrome diagnoses and treatment from multiple perspectives. Current and future directions in combating the opioid epidemic, pain genes and genetic mutations in chronic pain, neuromodulation, and tackling cancer pain are just few examples of what you will encounter in our meeting. In the era of busy physicians and practices, academics, or a mix, we will provide attendees with essential complementary and alternative, regenerative, and psychological techniques to incorporate in the treatment armamentarium to effectively help our patients.

As the pain community expands, we will bring pain societies together to dialogue and ultimately develop a lingua franca based on relevant research discoveries and ambitious interventions for the chronic pain medicine community.

The ASA/ASRA practice management session is designed for interactive discussion on key aspects of finance and marketing and is truly a must for both physician leaders and practice management specialists.

We are excited to present interactive sessions, where we will discuss current hot topics in pain management, such as radiofrequency ablation, magnetic resonance imaging compatibility, and cybersecurity for implantable devices and a special session related to the future of our pain specialty.

We are looking forward to an exciting virtual event!

Dr. Baratta

Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine Preview

Jaime L. Baratta, MD
Co-Chair, Scientific/Education Planning Committee
Chair, 45th Annual Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine Meeting

By listening to our members, we have created lectures and interactive sessions geared towards your needs as our acute pain specialty continues to evolve into the future. We are eager to introduce new faculty experts while still honoring those who have built our specialty to what it is today.

As acute pain physicians, we are uniquely positioned to be the leaders in perioperative medicine. We are going to fully evaluate our integral role as drivers in enhanced recovery and what role opioids play in perioperative pain management in light of the current opioid epidemic. As the PACU is not the finish line, we have brought together leaders in our field to discuss our impact on outcomes, the pain trajectory and predicting postoperative pain, the transitional pain service, and novel therapies including cannabinoids, next-generation opioids, and complementary integrative medicine.

And, as the acute pain service moves into the future, so does regional anesthesia. ASRA is dedicated to not only embracing our tradition with comprehensive experience in upper and lower extremity blocks, but continuing to introduce new techniques that can greatly help our patients, including erector spinae blocks, retrolaminar blocks, costoclavicular blocks, iPack blocks, pectoralis blocks, quadratus lumborum blocks, and more.

Is the ultrasound the new stethoscope? Point-of-care ultrasound experts will debate this topic. We’ve invited orthopedic surgeons to give their perspective on enhanced recovery and pain management in ambulatory joint surgery, joint revision surgery, and spine surgery.

As always, abstract submissions, moderated ePosters, and problem-based learning discussions will round out this exciting meeting. And, don’t miss the opportunity to network with faculty and colleagues at the Opening Networking Reception in the Virtual Exhibit Hall and a virtual version of our always-popular Saturday Night Celebration. Network with your colleagues on ASRA Connect, our members-only online community, and follow @ASRA_Society on Twitter and Instagram using #ASRAFALL20 and #ASRAWORLDWIDE2020.

As we embrace the future of regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine in this innovative program with expert faculty and amazing networking opportunities, this meeting cannot be missed! We cannot wait to see you there!