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How I Do It: Novel Blocks, PoCUS, Ergonomics, & Safety

Saturday, April 25, 1:15-2:45 pm, IS-11 Ask the Experts Interactive Session

After the successful inaugural offering, ASRA again extends a call for video submissions for a highly engaging, interactive session at the Annual Regional Anesthesiology & Acute Pain Medicine Meeting. This interactive video session is specially designed to provide you with a unique opportunity to share your clinical experience, insights, and ‘pearls’ in a short video. This audience-driven session promises to be entertaining, engaging, and provocative. All 45th Annual ASRA Annual Meeting attendees are invited to contribute.

Videos spanning 4 diverse topics are being accepted.

Novel Blocks

  • Fascial plane blocks of the sternum (i.e. Pectointercostal, Transversus thoracic muscle plane block, etc.)
  • Truncal fascial plane blocks (i.e.. Erector spinae, Rhomboid intercostal, Quadratus lumborum, Retrolaminar)
  • Brachial plexus blocks (i.e. Superior trunk Block)
  • Lower extremity blocks (i.e. IPACK Block)


  • How do you incorporate PoCUS into your everyday practice?
  • PoCUS pearls


  • What are your tips and tricks for performing blocks with finesse?


  • How do you ensure safety when performing a block?


  • Have a great idea for a topic not covered above? Submit a video from 30 seconds to 3 min for consideration!

Specific topics covered will depend upon the videos submitted.  Priority consideration will be given to videos that address the above four areas and how they can be used to improve their practice and patient care.

The dynamic nature of these topics makes them ideally suited for learning by video!

Please consider submitting a video for screening. All types of submissions are welcome, from serious and straightforward to creative and entertaining; release your inner actor, director, newscaster, singer, or teacher. An expert panel has been assembled to facilitate professional dialogue. Be a part of the experience!


Video submission guidelines:

  • Submission deadline: February 27
  • The first five accepted submissions receive a free ticket to the Saturday evening celebration!
  • Video duration: 30 seconds to maximum 3 minutes
  • Video formats: .avi, .wmv, .mov, .flv, mp4
  • All materials must be in English
  • Ensure good clear audio quality prior to submission
  • Completed online submission form with video attached
  • Must be a registered attendee to participate
  • All videos featuring actual patient care must adhere to proper infection control techniques

Review and presentation:

  • Notifications sent by March 12
  • Videos reviewed by session faculty
  • Selected submissions presented during the live session
  • Participants must be registered for the meeting
  • All accepted submissions will be made available online and in the meeting app

Questions: Contact ASRA Meetings at or +1.412.471.2718