Focusing on the Female Patient: Regional Anesthesia for Breast and Abdominal Surgery

Presented by Pajunk Medical Systems

Thursday, September 24, 7-8pm ET

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Learn more about the pectoralis I & II blocks and the quadratus lumborum (QL) blocks: two procedures rising in popularity for treating acute pain during mastectomy and cesarean section. Dr. Alicia Warlick will lead this interactive experience, taking you through the blocks from anatomy and imaging to operating room flow, while sharing helpful tips. An open Q&A will be included. Moderated by Mark Leonard, CAA at Team Health and assistant professor at Nova Southeastern University. 


Alicia Lopez Warlick, MD, is a regional anesthesiologist practicing in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has a passion for acute pain medicine and a large focus on improving systems to provide acute pain procedures for women. She is the author of the first chapter in the new book, Acute Pain Medicine, recently published by the American Academy of Pain Medicine. She is a hardworking mom and military wife, and has spent time in different roles including as an assistant professor at Duke University Medical Center in the Department of Regional Anesthesia. Over the last decade, she has also had the advantage of working on acute pain medicine teams in the private practice world where she has established multiple programs optimizing ERAS protocols for breast and cesarean section. She is an influencer and leader in the social media world, a member of the ASRA social media committee, a mastermind leader on @SoMEdocs (Doctors on Social Media), and personal trainer committed to health and fitness for women. You can find her on all platforms @AliFitMD.  

Mark Leonard, is a CAA at Team Health and an assistant professor at Nova Southeastern University in Tampa, Florida. He joined the faculty at Nova Southeastern University's (NSU) Anesthesiology Assistant program as an assistant professor in July 2018. He is a class of 2008 graduate from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, Physicians’ Assistant in Anaesthesia (PA(A)) program, now called Anaesthesia Associates (AA). After graduation, Professor Leonard practiced as a PA(A) at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, a 44 O.R. university teaching hospital, alongside over 100 attending anaesthesiologists, and close to 100 resident anaesthesiologists. Mark Leonard has a long history of teaching physicians, PA(A)s, AAs, and many other O.R. related professions, sharing the knowledge he has gained from his clinical experience. After qualification, he developed one of the busiest block rooms in the United Kingdom, as well as a fast response block service to attend areas such as the ED and ICU. Mark Leonard is committed to education in the field of regional anaesthesia. He has co-developed an app, e-book, posters, and other teaching materials in the field of regional anaesthesia. He has taught and lead many regional anaesthesia workshops around the world as well as published data from his hospital in the UK promoting the regional anaesthesia services delivered by his team. He is currently working as a CAA in Trinity, Florida, alongside his academic role at NSU.

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