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Regional anesthesia

ASRA Resident Section Committee Guide to Peripheral Nerve Blocks
Eellan Sivanesan, MD, Chad Parvus-Teichmann, MD, Daniel Abraham, MD, Amy Pearson, MD, Jason Pawlawsky, DO, Sarah Hensley, MD, and Rebecca Johnson, MD.
Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks
Edward R. Mariano, MD, MAS
Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks: Does Automated Intermittent Bolus Administration Provide any Benefit Compared with a Continuous Infusion?
Rodney A. Gabriel, MD, and Brian M. Ilfeld, MD, MS
Head and Neck Regional Anesthesia Techniques
London Society of Anaesthesia's Video Archive
Nabil Elkassabany, M.D.
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Regional Anesthesia Assessment Tools
Brian F.S. Allen, M.D.

Lower extremity blocks

Ankle Block
Artemus Flagg, MD, MPH, Calvin Eng, MD, Vineesh Mathur, MD
FNB vs ACB: Anatomy, Tips, and Clinical Pearls
Stephen Choi, BSc, MSc, MD, FRCPC; Anthony T. Machi, MD; Pia Jaeger, MD, PhD; and Ulrik Grevstad, MD
How I Do It: Identifying Saphenous Nerve Sonoanatomy
Henning L. Andersen, MD, and Andrew T. Gray, MD, PhD
Ultrasound Guided Ankle Block
Nabil Elkassabany, M.D.
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Neuraxial blocks

Combined Spinal Epidural (CSE)
Rhashedah A. Ekeoduru, MD, Rohit Rahangdale, MD
How I Do It:  Real-Time Ultrasound-Guided Spinal Anesthesia
Paul McHardy MD FRCPC
Ultrasound-Guided Lumbar Central Neuraxial Blockade
Shayanti Meela Ghosh, BSc, MBBS, FRCA, and Ki Jinn Chin, MBBS, MMed, FANZCA, FRCPC

Truncal blocks

How I Do It: Ultrasound-Guided Thoracic Paravertebral Blockade
How I Do It: TAP Block
Rishi Modi, MD Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Baylor College of Medicine Houston, TX
How I Do It: Ultrasound-Guided Bilateral Rectus Sheath Blocks
Francis V. Salinas, MD
How We Do It: Ultrasound-Guided Thoracic Paravertebral Block
David Webb, MD, Lucien Catania, MD, Mario Montoya, MD, Jacques E Chelly, MD, PhD, MBA
PECS I and PECS II Blocks
Jaime Ortiz, MD
PECS Versus PVBS for Perioperative Analgesic Management in Breast Surgery
Jeffrey Gonzales, MD
Ultrasound-Guided Quadratus Lumborum Block: How Do I Do It?
Hesham Elsharkawy, MD, MS

Upper extremity blocks

Axillary Blockade
Sean Li, MD, Hans Sviggum, MD, Paul Hilliard, MD
How I Do It: Infraclavicular Block
Yavuz G├╝rkan, MD
How I Do It: Ultrasound-Guided Combined Suprascapular and Axillary Nerve Block
Darcy J. Price, MBChB, FANZCA
Infraclavicular Block
Jessica Buren, MD, Johnny Lee, MD, Luminita M. Tureanu MD, FRCPC
Peripheral Nerve Blocks of the Distal Upper Extremity
Sayeh Hazmenzedeh, MD, David Bravos, MD
Supraclavicular Block
Brandon Togioka, MD, Christopher Wu, MD
Ultrasound Guided Interscalene Nerve Block - NYSORA
Rajnish K. Gupta, M.D.
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