The mission of our SIG is to increase awareness of the medical community on the presence of the undertreated cancer pain, educate physicians on available treatments essential to effectively treat cancer pain, improve patient outcomes and improve functional status and quality of life of patients suffering from significant cancer pain, and advance translational research essential for the effective treatment of cancer pain.

The goals of the ASRA Cancer Pain and Supportive Care SIG are to:

  1. Increase awareness of available treatments for cancer pain.
  2. Educate members of the medical community on recognizing severe cancer pain and ways to involve pain medicine available options to treat cancer pain.
  3. Identify modalities to improve patient functional status through pain management techniques as those may result in recruiting patients to various potential curative cancer treatments.
  4. Use patient-centered treatment modalities for severe and refractory cancer pain.
  5. Develop close collaboration, skills, and competencies to treat cancer pain through interventional and non-interventional modalities.
  6. Identify optimal palliative and curative techniques to treat severe cancer pain.
  7. Spread the knowledge base of cancer pain treatments through communications with practitioners, educators, and policymakers in a true multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to treat this condition.
  8. Identify areas of research that can contribute to the effective treatment of cancer pain.
  9. Identify clinical and research collaboration across multiple disciplines to contribute to the identification and treatment of refractory cancer pain states.
  10. Identify and educate medical community on palliative modalities to improve cancer pain and quality of life in patients at the end of life.
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