Our Mission

Our purpose is to shape a group of well-informed clinicians who are able to understand the role of cannabis within the clinical setting, and its potential influence on patient care. We aim to use this platform as a place to share our knowledge, clinical experiences, and investigational advancements to shape the future of medicinal cannabis use. We also hope to influence further cannabis research and discovery as our knowledge of cannabis continues to evolve and progress.

The goals of the ASRA Cannabis in Acute and Chronic Pain SIG are to:

  1. Educate the ASRA members about the physiology of endogenous and exogenous cannabanoids and receptors along with pharmacodynamics.
  2. Identify the role of cannabinoids in inflammation and pain. Share clinical experiences in regards to side effects and consequences of long-term use.
  3. Discussion and review of relevant clinical studies and pending trials.
  4. Assist practitioners in interpreting dosing and education in the types of drug delivery vehicles available.
  5. Encourage collaboration among colleagues interested in starting or advancing research and clinical trials.
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