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Your contributions can help build the success of this endeavor. To suggest a topic or make a submission, please reach out to the Education in Regional Anesthesia SIG email. Submissions should ideally be 1) structured as brief narrative reviews, 2) range from 500-3000 words, 3) be keyword dense, 4) employ hyperlinks to other internet resources, 5) list relevant tags to aid categorization, 6) contain author information, including name, credentials, position, organization, city, state, and author headshot. An example can be seen in this piece.

Those interested in education topics should also consider posting to the  ASRA Educational Resources page, especially if the topic is not strictly education-focused. For example, a high-quality video on how to place an epidural should go on the  ASRA Resource Center, while a video on how to teach someone to do an epidural should come to the Education in Regional Anesthesia SIG portion of the site.

Thank you in advance for your contributions.

Get Involved

We are always looking for enthusiastic, hard-working, creative volunteers to join one of our five teams to help us achieve our vision. 

CME – Work with the CME Liaison to coordinate submitting panel suggestions, educational content, and meeting faculty to the scientific/education planning committee.

Newsletter – Work with the Newsletter Liaison to coordinate unique SIG newsletter articles for ASRA News and develop a quarterly newsletter for the SIG membership.

Research – Work with the Research Liaison to develop and maintain a webpage repository of ongoing research and generate ideas for reserch in education in regional anesthesia.

Webcast/Podcast – Work with the Webcast/Podcast Liaison to coordinate the production of quarterly webcasts or podcasts on a relevant SIG topic to be placed on the website and available to members.

Website – Work with the Website Liaison to develop and maintain a repository of key articles and resources for the SIG webpage.

Please complete the online form to express your interest and get involved!

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