Green Anesthesia SIG Mission and Goals


Improving our practice to include considerations surrounding sustainability, reduction of waste and pollution. Developing regional anesthesia and pain medicine to be the first consideration when developing an anesthetic plan.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To claim the field of “green” anesthesia for regional anesthesia through research and publication.
  2. To raise awareness and education of anesthesiologists about the impact of the greenhouse aspect of inhalational anesthetic practice.
  3. To advance knowledge in regard to our overall footprint in the OR.
  4. To improve patient outcomes through regional anesthesia as an integral part of the “green” anesthesia approach for the patient as well as our patient-surrounding environment.
  5. To work on making all ASRA conferences and meetings “green” in regard to waste and resources consumed.
  6. To liaise with other societies worldwide on the topic of green anesthesia and the role of regional anesthesia.
  7. To understand the true footprint of chronic pain medicine and to find ways to reduce it
  8. To advocate for the availability of existing high-end technology, like closed-circuit anesthesia machines or TCI pumps, in the USA as well.
  9. To educate residents and fellows to make ‘green’ choices and to make a difference for our next generation of anesthetists. Encourage them to undertake projects and research in this area.
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