Mission and Goals


The mission of the Persistent Perioperative Pain SIG is to improve knowledge, education, clinical care, research, and formulation of effective strategies to manage persistent perioperative pain, also known as transitional pain.

Goals and Objectives of the Persistent Perioperative Pain SIG:

  1. To improve the understanding of persistent /subacute pain through education and research.
  2. To partner with other pain societies to develop the subspecialty.
  3. To develop and introduce the material into the curriculum of acute and chronic pain fellowship programs.
  4. To raise awareness among all ASRA members about the impact of subacute pain and transition from acute to chronic pain.
  5. Making ASRA a resource for expanding and growing this subspecialty area.
  6. To develop an infrastructure for individualized patient care to improve perioperative pain control and prevent escalation of opioid use among chronic opioid users. Encourage appropriate prescribing and perioperative opioid tapering.
  7. To advocate for improved care coordination and delivery to overcome the existing challenges with the existing perioperative pain model.
  8. Analyze the economic and social impact of poor perioperative pain control and its impact on recovery after surgery and the opioid epidemic.
  9. Secure funds for education and research.
  10. Reinforce our role in perioperative medicine and collaborate with the ASRA Perioperative Medicine SIG.
  11. To collect data that will allow for appropriate payment models for these services, which are distinct from those of the acute and chronic care settings.
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