Leadership and Founding Members

Dr. Margaret Holtz

Maggie Holtz, MD
Georgia Anesthesiologists, P.C.
Marietta, GA

Dr. Jennifer Noerenberg

Vice Chair:
Jennifer Noerenberg, MD
Southern California Permanente Medical Group
San Diego, CA

Dr. Jerry Jones

CME Liaison:
Jerry Jones, MD
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
East Memphis Anesthesia Services
Memphis, TN

Newsletter Liaison:
Melody Herman, MD
Scope Anesthesia
Charlotte, NC

Dr. Gary Schwartz

Webcast Liaison:
Gary Schwartz, MD
Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Keith May

Website Liaison:
Keith May, MD
University Anesthesiologists
Knoxville, TN

Founding Members

  • Candra Bass, MD
  • Melody Herman, MD
  • Gary Schwartz, MD
  • David Maduram, MD
  • Travis Hiles, MD, FASA
  • Liza Starecki, MD
  • Azi Babolian, MD
  • Keith May, MD
  • Alicia Lopez Warlick, MD
  • Mark Hamilton, MD
  • Stephen Haskins, MD
  • Aaron Shiraz, MD
  • Paul Ting, MD
  • Amy Cabbabe, MD
  • Meghana Doty, MD
  • Uma Shastri, MD
  • Liz Kim, MD
  • Rahul Gupta, MD
  • Sree Kolli, MD
  • Melissa Byrne, MD
  • Lindsay Lewis, DO
  • Priyanka Ghosh, MD
  • Rachel Steckelberg, MD
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