Leadership and Founding Members

Dr. Stephen Rodriguez

Stephen E. Rodriguez, MD
Naval Medical Center
San Diego, CA

Dr. Erin Tracy

Vice Chair:
Erin Tracy, MD
USUHS School of Medicine
Bethesda, MD

Dr. Sandeep Dhanjal

CME Liaison:
Sandeep T. Dhanjal, MD
Womack Army Medical Center
Fort Bragg, NC

Dr. Kim Duarte

Newsletter Liaison:
Kimberly M. Duarte, MD, MBA
RAF Lakenheath  
Suffolk, United Kingdom

Dr. Matthew Laudie

Webcast Liaison:
Matthew Laudie, MD
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Bethesda, MD

Website Liaison:
Justin Cordova, MD
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Bethesda, MD

Founding Members

  • Stephen E. Rodriguez, MD
  • Erin Tracy, MD
  • Russell Wier, MD
  • Eugene R. Smith, MD
  • Kristopher Johnson, MD
  • Carlos A. Pino, MD
  • Derek Miletich, MD
  • Sandeep T. Dhanjal, MD
  • Kim Duarte, MD
  • Edward Park, MD
  • Michael Bartoszek, MD
  • Scott Griffith, MD
  • Michael Stockin, MD
  • Jeremy Hackworth, MD
  • Alane Costanzo, MD
  • Tara Sheridan, MD
  • Kimberly Gerber, CRNA
  • Scott Hughey, MD
  • Sara Wilson, MD
  • Melanie Johansson, MD
  • Robert Sawyer, MD
  • Matthew Laudie, MD
  • Michael Welljams-Dorof
  • Michael Williams
  • Taylor J Byrne, DO  

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