Our Vision, Mission, and Goals


The ASRA RACER SIG will form a benchmark for best practice of applying regional anesthesia using latest science and technology throughout United States and worldwide. 


The ASRA RACER SIG is committed to providing safe and effective regional anesthesia and analgesia to all eligible cardiac patients presenting for hemodynamic and pain management. This mission will be achieved by striving for excellence in research, education, and clinical care in cardiac and regional anesthesia.

Goals and Objectives

The ASRA RACER aims to develop a multidisciplinary team of anesthesiologists who collaborate with cardiac surgeons, cardiac and regional anesthesiologists, acute pain physicians, CVICU attendings and clinical scientists.

  1. To promote a safe, effective and efficient method to apply regional anesthesia in cardiac surgery
  2. To facilitate collaboration between cardiac anesthesiologist and regional anesthesiologist to enhance cardiac patient recovery
  3. To raise the awareness of regional and cardiac anesthesiologists on the benefit of the regional anesthesia with cardiac recovery
  4. To advance knowledge in regards to our regional anesthesia in the cardiac anesthesia
  5. To improve patient outcomes through regional anesthesia as an integral part of the cardiac anesthesia approach for the patient
  6. To present topics at ASRA conferences and meetings on how to utilize regional anesthesia to enhance cardiac surgery recovery in terms of patient outcome:
    1. Length of stay after cardiac surgery
    2. Time to extubation
    3. Chest tube duration
    4. Inflammation in term of multiorgan protection
    5. Postoperative opioid consumption.


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