SIG Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives

  1. Providing ASRA members with resources to share and lecture on pain-related topics via a slide share and resource database
    1. Establish a call for lecture slide sets from members that include pathophysiology, available evidence based medicine, and guidelines for treatment of a pain condition (acute or chronic)
    2. Work with current members to develop a database of up-to-date seminal research papers on topics of relevance
  2. Engaging Young learners (medical students & resident) in ASRA and pain medicine awareness
    1. Make ASRA more accessible to medical students, interns, and residents to present data, attend the conference, learn about pain and become engaged in ASRA. This may be accomplished through exposure via lectures from our members, online resources and potentially an educational program at future meetings
  3. Mentoring resources and networking
    1. Create an opt-in searchable database of mentors that interested students or residents can access to find opportunities for research, teacher training, leadership guidance or clinical experiences
    2. Provide downloadable content regarding mentoring advice from other ASRA members
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