Fellowship directory

Physicians applying for a fellowship program in regional anesthesiology/acute pain medicine must be currently enrolled in, or have completed, an accredited anesthesiology residency program. Each individual program may have additional requirements such as medical licensing. The information published here has been supplied by the individual institutions. Please check back frequently for updates. Programs with an asterisk behind the title indicate they are part of the SF Match Program. 



This program uses the common application. Submit the completed application directly to the individual Fellowship Program.

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  • Specialty:Acute Pain/Regional Anesthesia
  • Duration:12 months
  • Start Year:
  • Positions:4
  • Deadline: Accepted until position is filled
  • Salary: $100,000 plus faculty incentive plan
  • Contact Person: Susan Watson Residency and Fellowship Program Coordinator, MUSC Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine
  • Email: watsons@musc.edu
  • Phone: (843) 792-4316
  • Facility:
  • Address:
  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • 167 Ashley Avenue, Suite 301
  • Charleston
  • South Carolina 29425
  • Telephone: (843) 792-2437
  • Website: https://medicine.musc.edu/departments/anesthesia/education/acute-pain
  • Director: Sylvia Wilson, MD
  • Other affiliated faculty:
    • Sylvia H. Wilson, M.D., Associate Professor
    • Eric Bolin, M.D., Associate Professor
    • Ryan Gunselman, M.D., Associate Professor
    • Thomas Epperson, M.D., Associate Professor
    • Cory Furse, M.D., Associate Professor
    • Maria Yared, M.D., Assistant Professor
    • J. Wesley Doty, M.D., Assistant Professor
    • Jason Taylor, M.D., Assistant Professor
    • Jennifer Matos, M.D., Assistant Professor
    • Renuka George, M.D., Assistant Professor
    • Jackson Condrey, M.D., Assistant Professor
  • Participating hospitals:
    • Medical University of South Carolina