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Physicians applying for a fellowship program in regional anesthesiology/acute pain medicine must be currently enrolled in, or have completed, an accredited anesthesiology residency program. Each individual program may have additional requirements such as medical licensing. The information published here has been supplied by the individual institutions. Please check back frequently for updates. Programs with an asterisk behind the title indicate they are part of the SF Match Program. 



Military Fellowship

Duration of Fellowship: One year

Core Related Specialty: Anesthesiology; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Fellowship in The Match®? No

Application Deadline: Per Medical Operational Data System (MODS) Website

Number of Positions Available: 4

Salary: Active duty salary – primary specialty dependent


The SAUSHEC Multidisciplinary Pain Medicine Fellowship is ACGME-accredited to train ABMS residency-trained physicians from the background specialties of anesthesiology, physical medicine & rehabilitation, neurology, psychiatry, and family medicine. We seek the most qualified candidates with a demonstrated interest in a career in military pain medicine.

Medical Operational Data System (MODS) Website

Applicant Interview Timeframe: July-October

  • Specialty: Chronic Pain
  • Duration:1 year
  • Start Year:
  • Positions:4
  • Deadline: Per Medical Operational Data System (MODS) Website
  • Salary: Active duty salary – primary specialty dependent
  • Contact Person: Tracy Gruber SAUSHEC Anesthesia Residency/Pain Medicine Fellowship Program Coordinator
  • Email: tracy.l.gruber.civ@mail.mil
  • Phone: 210-916-8666
  • Facility:
  • Address:
  • 3551 Roger Brooke Drive
  • Fort Sam Houston
  • Texas 78234-6200
  • Telephone: 210-916-8666
  • Website: https://bamc.tricare.mil/About-Us/SAUSHEC/Fellowship-Information/Pain-Medicine
  • Director: Napoleon Roux, MD
  • Other affiliated faculty:
  • Program Director
    Napoleon Roux, MD
    Program Director, Assistant Professor
    Phone: 210-916-8666
    Email: napoleon.p.roux.mil@mail.mil

    Associate Program Director
    Devin Larsen, DO
    Associate Program Director, Assistant Professor
    Phone: 210-916-8666
    Email: devin.h.larsen.mil@mail.mil

  • Participating hospitals:

Memorial Hermann Hospital is the busiest Level One trauma center in the nation, located in the largest medical center in the world, thereby allowing this regional program to emphasize all aspects of regional anesthesia. The fellows will be exposed to various types of peripheral nerve blocks, as well as placement of indwelling catheters for postoperative pain management using both nerve stimulation and ultrasound.  Between three locations, current procedural caseloads average 3,000 per year. The Regional Anesthesia service also provides acute pain management consults for adult patients. 

Research opportunities: Fellows will have protected research time on a weekly basis, and are required to present at the American Society for Regional Anesthesia and Pain Conference in the spring.   The fellows are also expected to publish at least one article in a peer-reviewed journal.  

Rotations include: Orthopedic Trauma Block Team, Ambulatory Surgery Block Team, Acute Pain Service, Transesophageal Echo, Transthoracic Echo.

This program uses the common application. Submit the completed application directly to the individual Fellowship Program.

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  • Specialty:Acute Pain/Regional Anesthesia
  • Duration:12 months
  • Start Year:
  • Positions:2
  • Deadline: Rolling
  • Salary: $62,001
  • Contact Person: J. Blair de Haan, MD Fellowship Director
  • Email: johanna.b.dehaan@uth.tmc.edu
  • Phone: (713) 500-6271
  • Facility:
  • Address:
  • 6431 Fannin
  • MSB Room 5.020
  • Houston
  • Texas 77030
  • Telephone: (713) 500-6271
  • Website: https://www.uth.edu/
  • Director: J. Blair de Haan, MD
  • Other affiliated faculty:
    • Vadim Ioselevich, M.D.
    • Sudipta Sen, M.D.
    • Sumreen Vaid-Pinyard, M.D.
    • Semhar Ghebremichael, M.D.
    • Yefim Bogomolny, M.D.
    • Sara Guzman-Reyes, M.D.
    • Omonele Nwokolo, M.D.
  • Participating hospitals:
    • Memorial Hermann Hospital - TMC Campus
    • Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital
    • Memorial Hermann Ambulatory Surgery Center
    • Memorial Hermann Heart and Vascular Institute 

“BEST CANCER CARE PROVIDER” #1 U.S. News and World Report Located in world’s largest medical center Procedure Room in Clinic – Ultrasound / Basic Spine / Sympathetic Blocks /Neurolytic Blocks Advanced OR Procedures including vertebral cement augmentation (kyphoplasty/vertebroplasty), SCS and IT pumps. Inpatient Consult Service Q6 week rotation–incl. Post Call Days Chronic Pain Clinic – complex patients, emphasizing medical decision making Didactics include flipped classroom, PBLs, Simulation Center, Biotras Astris training model, Ultrasound Workshop, Suture Workshop Academic fund for travel/conferences and opportunity to moonlight with excellent pay 4 th largest city in US with most diverse population and very affordable – plus fabulous food scene, shopping mecca, pro sports, excellent art/science/history museums and cultural opportunities – two major airports
All candidates for the Pain Medicine Fellowship must have completed an ACGME-accredited residency program in Anesthesiology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, or Neurology and must be board-eligible or board-certified to practice.

Required application materials include:
Curriculum vitae
Personal statement
Other items that may be required for application:  

Three letters of recommendation: If currently in a residency program, one additional letter of good standing from the program director indicating trainee standing and expected completion with the program is required.
USMLE, COMLEX, FLEX scores report
Medical transcripts
Medical diploma: copy
Certificate of training completion – copy for each certification
Interested in applying? Let us know why you want to join our program.
  • Specialty: Chronic Pain
  • Duration:
  • Start Year:
  • Positions:1
  • Facility:
  • Address:
  • 1515 Holcombe Blvd
  • Houston
  • Texas 77030
  • Telephone:
  • Website: https://www.mdanderson.org/education-training/clinical-research-training/graduate-medical-education/residencies-fellowships/pain-medicine.html
  • Director: Christina Le-Short, MD
  • Other affiliated faculty:
  • Participating hospitals:

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine (RAAPM) Fellowship is structured to provide supervised training to board-certified or board-eligible anesthesiologists in the practice of regional anesthesia, acute pain management, and medical consultation for the full spectrum of surgical and invasive procedures in the hospital setting.

The goal of this program is to develop expertise in acute pain management as well as in the utilization of regional anesthesia techniques to optimize perioperative analgesia and facilitate patient recovery. This 12-month fellowship program will provide significant exposure and training in the management of acute pain through the use of innovative regional anesthesia techniques, neuraxial anesthesia, implementation of enhanced recovery strategies, and coordination of perioperative care.

MD Anderson serves as one of the largest comprehensive cancer centers in the world, thereby providing the unique opportunity for our fellows to develop additional expertise in managing the care of patients in this clinical environment. Our department provides acute pain management for both adult and pediatric patients with a variety of clinical presentations. Fellows will also have designated time for research opportunities as well as quality improvement projects, with the expectation to present at annual national conferences and work towards publishing in a peer-reviewed journal.

This program uses the common application. Submit the completed application directly to the individual Fellowship Program.

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  • Specialty:Acute Pain/Regional Anesthesia
  • Duration:12 months
  • Start Year:
  • Positions:1
  • Deadline: April 1 (of prior calendar year before anticipated start)
  • Salary: $74,837 (AY 2023-24)
  • Contact Person: Monique Rodriguez, Program Coordinator or Mary Ann Oler, Education Program Coordinator
  • Email: Mjvaldez@mdanderson.org or MAOler@mdanderson.org
  • Phone: Monique: 713-563-7765 Mary Ann: 713-792-9530
  • Facility:
  • Address:
  • 1400 Holcombe Blvd.
  • Unit 409
  • Houston
  • Texas 77030
  • Telephone: 713-792-6911
  • Website: https://www.mdanderson.org/education-training/clinical-research-training/graduate-medical-education/residencies-fellowships/acute-pain-regional-anesthesia.html
  • Director: Bryce Speer, D.O.
  • Other affiliated faculty:

    • Andrzej Kwater, M.D.- Associate Director
    • Keyuri Popat, M.D.
    • Semhar Ghebremichael, M.D.
    • Shannon Hancher-Hodges, M.D.
    • Antoinette Van Meter, M.D.
    • Uduak Ursula Williams, M.D.
    • Asca M. Zavala, M.D.
    • Hart Donahue, M.D.
  • Participating hospitals:
    • MD Anderson Cancer Center (Main Campus)
    • Houston Methodist Hospital (Ambulatory Surgery Center)

Fellows will pursue a comprehensive 12-month experience in regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine.  Training will include peripheral nerve, nerve plexus, truncal blockade and neuraxial procedures and acute pain medicine for surgical and nonsurgical patients including perineural catheters, ultrasound-guided and nerve stimulator localization techniques.  Through a fellowship in regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine an individual will progress in his or her development as a perioperative physician and develop the expertise to excel in academic and private practice environments.

The field of regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine received approval to create ACGME fellowships in 2016. The structure of the UTSW  fellowship is consistent with these ACGME guidelines. We are currently seeking ACGME accreditation for our fellowship.

This program uses the common application. Submit the completed application directly to the individual Fellowship Program.

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  • Specialty:Acute Pain/Regional Anesthesia
  • Duration:12 months
  • Start Year:
  • Positions:1
  • Deadline: June 30th or rolling if unfilled at that time
  • Salary: to be determined
  • Contact Person: Kelli Speer
  • Email: anesfellowship@utsouthwestern.edu
  • Phone: (214) 648-4831
  • Facility:
  • Address:
  • 5323 Harry Hines Blvd
  • Dallas
  • Texas 75390-9068
  • Telephone: 214.648.7837
  • Website: http://www.utswanesthesia.org/
  • Director: Anthony Machi, M.D.
  • Other affiliated faculty:
  • John Alexander, M.D.
    Kanu Birdi, M.D.
    Trent Bryson, M.D.
    Gloria Cheng, M.D.
    Jose Garcia, M.D.
    Irina Gasanova, M.D.
    Stephanie Jones, M.D.
    Enas Kandil, M.D.
    Mitchell Lin, M.D.
    Carl Noe, M.D.
    Adnan Rafique, M.D.
    Humair Rana, M.D.
    Sandy Thammasithiboon, M.D.

  • Participating hospitals:
  • William P. Clements, Jr. University Hospital, Zale Lipshy University Hospital, UTSW Outpatient Surgery Center,  Parkland Hospital System, Eugene McDermott Pain Management Center, Children's Medical Center Dallas