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Physicians applying for a fellowship program in regional anesthesiology/acute pain medicine must be currently enrolled in, or have completed, an accredited anesthesiology residency program. Each individual program may have additional requirements such as medical licensing. The information published here has been supplied by the individual institutions. Please check back frequently for updates. Programs with an asterisk behind the title indicate they are part of the SF Match Program. 



University of Virginia Non-ACGME Clinical Instructorship

The Regional Anesthesia Fellowship is designed to give advanced clinical, technical and research training in the field of regional anesthesia. Locations will include the University of Virginia Medical Center and the newly built Outpatient Surgical Center. The University of Virginia performs more than 5,000 peripheral nerve blocks and catheters annually. Clinical work will be comprised of 80% fellow/20% faculty position. Additional time will be allocated to research endeavors and conference attendance. The University provides a nurturing and supportive environment with regional nurse coordinators and significant faculty support. No required weekends or call but opportunity for additional salary supplementation with weekend work.

$3,000.00 is Professional Fund for conferences, books, and additional educational endeavors. There is also opportunity to supplement income with additional work on weekends though not required.

The University of Virginia is a 550+ bed hospital, Level I trauma center, located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This program uses the common application. Submit the completed application directly to the individual Fellowship Program.

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  • Specialty:Acute Pain/Regional Anesthesia
  • Duration:12 months
  • Start Year:
  • Positions:2
  • Deadline: Accepted until position is filled
  • Salary: $120,000 annually w/benefits +$3,000
  • Contact Person: Brett Elmore, MD Fellowship Director
  • Email: anesthesiology-regionalfellow@virginia.edu
  • Phone: (434) 924-2283
  • Facility:
  • Address:
  • University of Virginia Department of Anesthesiology
  • P.O. Box 800710
  • Charlottesville
  • Virginia 22908-0710
  • Telephone: (434) 924-2283
  • Website: http://www.medicine.virginia.edu/clinical/departments/anesthesiology/education/fellowships/regional
  • Director: Brett Elmore, MD
  • Other affiliated faculty:
    • Ashley Shilling, MD
    • Lee White, MD
    • William Manson, MD
    • D. Aric Elmer, MD 
    • Peter Amato, MD
    • James Kim, MD 
    • Brett Elmore, MD
    • Paul De Marco, MD
    • Jennifer Potter, MD
  • Participating hospitals:
  • University of Virginia Health System

    • 27 Operating Suites for Main Hospital
    • 12 Outpatient Surgical Center Operating Suites
    • 2 IMRIS rooms
    • 3 Procedure Rooms
    • 7 Offsite Locations