Nominations Deadline: ASRA Pain Medicine Board of Directors

The Committee on Nominations issues a call for nominations of individuals to serve on the ASRA Pain Medicine Board of Directors each June with a deadline of June 30th.

The Board of Directors is charged with oversight of the Society. The responsibilities of a Board Member are to:

  • Promote the Society's core missions of education, research, and advocacy
  • Constantly reaffirm the Society's unique niche and not allow its focus to become diffused
  • Actively present regional anesthesia and pain medicine as important clinical subspecialties to trainees, colleagues, and industry

Directors comprise a group of four Officers and seven Directors-at-Large. Terms of service commence at the close of the 2025 Spring meeting. Directors may be elected to a one- or two-year term, with eligibility to be re-elected at the end of the initial term. Directors-at-Large may serve a maximum of five years in that capacity. 

The Nominations Committee presents to the Board of Directors a list of nominees for open Director-at-Large positions. The Board of Directors elects those individuals who will fill the open positions on the Board.

ASRA Pain Medicine members are asked to nominate physicians and scientists who have distinguished themselves in the areas of regional anesthesia and pain medicine for this position. Nominees must be active members of ASRA Pain Medicine. Self-nomination is permitted. A summary statement is required for all nominees.

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