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Fellow Members of ASRA Pain Medicine

ASRA Pain Medicine offers a Young Professional membership category that supports individuals as they participate in a one- or two-year fellowship and through the first year of practice.  Learn more about this membership category here.

Resident Members of ASRA Pain Medicine

The resident educational program attracts over 200 residents and fellows, from the U.S. and internationally, who consistently attend our biannual national meetings, and our fellow and resident membership continues to grow each year. Resident and fellows interact with a variety of leaders at these meetings, learn about cutting-edge research discoveries, attend hands-on interactive fluoroscopic and ultrasound-guided procedural workshops, and discuss policy changes in our field.  Become an ASRA Pain Medicine resident member.

Resident/Fellow Tracks

Each of ASRA Pain Medicine's annual meetings include a Resident/Fellow Track with content directed toward the unique needs of residents and fellows. The track typically includes a didactic program as well as workshops and PBLDs. Residents and fellows enjoy a significantly reduced price to attend the annual meetings. Learn more about our meetings  here. Residents and fellows are also eligible for  Resident/Fellow Best of Meeting Abstracts and Research Travel Awards and the  Resident/Fellow of the Year Award.

Get Involved!

The  Resident Section Committee coordinates the activity for trainees (Residents and Fellows), including developing the content of the Resident/Fellow Program at both annual meetings. Nominations for the Resident Section Committee are accepted each year in November/December. Here are some other ways residents and fellows can get involved in ASRA Pain Medicine.

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