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The American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine was officially "re-founded" in 1975, led by Alon P. Winnie, MD, who had a dream of a society devoted to teaching regional anesthesia. (An earlier group of the same name was founded in 1923 as a tribute to Gaston Labat.) ASRA Pain Medicine celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2015. On this occasion, founding fathers and former presidents reflected on 40 years of advancing the science and practice of regional anesthesia and pain medicine in a series of videos, including an interview with the late P. Prithvi Raj (see below). For more information on the history of ASRA Pain Medicine, download our 40th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet.


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100 Years of Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine

Our Founding Fathers

L. Donald Bridenbaugh, MD (1923-2018)
Harold Carron, MD (1916-1991)
Jordan Katz, MD (1932-2014)
P. Prithvi Raj, MD  (1931-2016)
Alon P. Winnie, MD (1932-2015)

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L. Donald Bridenbaugh, MD


Harold Carron

Dr. Jordan Katz

Jordan Katz, MD

Dr. Raj Prithvi

P. Prithvi Raj, MD


Alon P. Winnie, MD



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ASRA Pain Medicine Leaders Share Memories

Aug 18, 2015

In honor of ASRA Pain Medicine's 40th Anniversary, we asked founding fathers and former leaders to share their memories of the organization's early days, changes in the field of regional anesthesia and pain medicine, and other perspectives on their careers.


Founding Father Dr. P. Prithvi Raj

Founding Father Dr. L. Donald Bridenbaugh, Jr.


Dr. Michael Stanton-Hicks, president from 1989-1990

Dr. Gale Thompson, president of ASRA from 1992-1993

Dr. Denise J. Wedel, president from 1997-1998

Dr. Brendan Finucane, president from 1998-1999

Dr. Stephen E. Abram, president from 1993-1994

Dr. Mark Lema, president from 2004-2005

Dr. Richard Rosenquist, president from 2005-2007

Dr. Vincent Chan, president from 2009-2011

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ASRA Presidents through the Years


1976-1980            Alon P. Winnie

1980-1982            L. Donald Bridenbaugh

1982-1984            Harold Carron

1984-1986            Phil Bromage

1986-1987            Prithvi Raj

1987-1988            Jordan Katz

1988-1989            Ben Covino

1989-1990            Michael Stanton-Hicks

1990-1991            Phil Bridenbaugh

1991-1992            Gerry Ostheimer

1992-1993            Gale Thompson

1993-1994            Stephen E. Abram

1994-1995            Cosmo DiFazio

1995-1996            Manni Batra

1996-1997            John Rowlingson

1997-1998            Denise Wedel

1998-1999            Brendan Finucane

1999-2000            Dave Brown

2000-2001            Mike Mulroy

2001-2002            Lynn Broadman

2002-2003            Jim Eisenach

2003-2005            Terre Horlocker

2005-2007            Rick Rosenquist

2007-2009            Mike Ferrante

2009-2011            Vincent Chan

2011-2012            Julie Pollock

2012-2015            Joe Neal

2015-2017            Oscar deLeon                   

2017-2019            Asokumar Buvanendran

2019-2021            Eugene Viscusi

2021-2023            Samer Narouze

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