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ASRA Pain Medicine Hot Topics Club is a series of 60-minute, non-CME webinars designed with the trainee in mind.

  • ASRA Pain Medicine and the Association of Pain Program Directors present Hot Topics Club webinars on the first Tuesday of each month focusing on chronic pain medicine-related issues.
  • Hot Topics: Acute Pain & Regional Anesthesia Edition webinars are held on the second Tuesday of each even-numbered month (February, April, June, etc.) and focus on issues for those working in acute pain and regional anesthesia.



Mark your calendar, and plan to attend these informative programs presented by ASRA Pain Medicine content experts!



Hot Topics


ASRA/APPD Hot Topics Club

Pain is the most common complaint from patients seeking medical attention. Pain, especially the transition to chronic pain and chronic pain itself, is poorly understood. Practice guidelines to treat patients in pain are constantly evolving, and therefore, need constant updates to achieve the best practice standards. Learn from the experts how to treat these patients using the most up-to-date knowledge and insight.  

Upcoming Events:

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December 7: Your Future Job 

January 4: Approaches to Neuromodulation 

February 1: How to Build and Manage Your Practice 

March 1: Novel Minimally Invasive Interventions: Decompressions, Spacers, and Endoscopic Options 

April 5: Intrathecal Pumps: Indication, Approach, Outcomes 

May 3: Role of Vertebral Augmentation and Sacroiliac Joint Fusion in Your Practice 

June 7: Buprenorphine – A Tool in the Toolbox of a Pain Physician 


Hot Topics Acute Pain


Hot Topics: Acute Pain & Regional Anesthesia Edition

These webinars are designed with the trainee in mind to address acute pain and regional anesthesia treatments and procedures. Learn from the experts how to incorporate evidence-based treatments and procedures into your practice to provide the best outcomes for your patients.

Upcoming Events:


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