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ASRA Pain Medicine is committed to sharing accurate, clear, evidence-based information to the public as part of its mission to advancing the field and improving patient outcomes. We welcome serious inquiries from journalists and other members of the media. Contact us via email or by phone at 412-471-2718 x 103.


Press attendance at meetings

Reporters may attend ASRA Pain Medicine annual meetings for purposes of reporting on the event. Upon approval, these individuals will receive a complimentary registration and a meeting badge indicating their affiliation with the press.

Individuals are not permitted to attend ASRA Pain Medicine courses (e.g., cadaver courses) as members of the press.

Journalists wishing to receive press credentials must contact the ASRA Pain Medicine Office via phone (412-471-2718, x 103) or email and provide full contact information including

  • Full name of the publication, official publisher, and business address
  • Format (e.g., online, print), frequency, circulation, date of first publication, annual subscription rate, and intended audience of publication
  • Journalist’s address, phone, and direct email.

ASRA Pain Medicine reserves the right to refuse press credentials for any reason. In these instances, individuals are not precluded from attending the meeting and paying the appropriate registration fees. ASRA Pain Medicine reserves the right to limit the number of participating journalists attending from any one media outlet.

Members of the press attending with official press credentials are only permitted to attend the Main Meeting sessions (as included in the normal registration fee). Admittance to any other events requires payment of fees. Members of the press are not admitted to workshops. Members of the press may not apply for and will not be granted continuing medical education credits for attending the meeting.

Members of the press must adhere to the ASRA Pain Medicine policy regarding “Photography and Recording during ASRA Pain Medicine CME Activities,” which states:

ASRA Pain Medicine reserves exclusive rights to photograph and/or record (audio and video) all event proceedings and participants for use in marketing materials, presentations, and course content reproductions (online or other). Photography and/or recording by individuals is not permitted in the scientific, educational and business meetings during any ASRA Pain Medicine event, unless specifically pre-authorized by ASRA Pain Medicine. Individuals granted such privileges shall be properly registered at the event and issued the proper proof of privileges (press badge or other).

Members of the press are not permitted to reprint any written materials or presentations without express written consent by ASRA Pain Medicine. Filming, audiotaping, or other recording of sessions, presentations, or activities is not permitted without advanced approval by ASRA Pain Medicine and may be denied based on individual circumstances.

All materials presented at ASRA Pain Medicine annual meetings are embargoed for publication and broadcast until the officially scheduled date and time of presentation, unless otherwise granted. 

ASRA Pain Medicine does not share its media/press list with the public.

For more information, contact ASRA Pain Medicine.


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