World Day of Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine



ESRA, together with its Sister Societies AFSRA, ASRA Pain Medicine, AOSRA and LASRA, is launching the 1st World Day of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine on Saturday, January 27, 2024. Regional anesthesia (RA) and chronic pain physicians around the globe will connect together to shine a spotlight on the critical fields of RA and pain medicine under the inspiring theme of "Joining Hands for a Pain Free Future Worldwide."

This initiative is dedicated to the celebration of collaboration and signifies our commitment to partnerships. It is a "Global Call to Action" that serves as a powerful reminder of the collective power we hold to improve access to care and alleviate suffering. By joining hands, we can advance research, share best practices, make a positive impact and enhance patients’ care! Together, we can create a world where effective pain management is a universal reality, ensuring that every individual can enjoy a life free from unnecessary pain!

More than 100 cities across all continents will participate with a common scientific program. The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill participated with a free live interactive scanning session. Check out the feed below.