46th Annual Regional Anesthesiology
and Acute Pain Medicine Meeting

May 13-15, 2021 | In-person or Virtual



In-person attendees have the option of tailoring their meeting experience to their personal needs through additional workshops. These workshops are available to physicians only and require additional fees. Workshops typically fill very quickly, so do not delay registering for those you wish to attend.


Choose from 3 types of workshops: interactive demonstration, hands-on, and mini.

  • Interactive demonstration workshops are 90 minutes long and consist of a short introduction followed by demonstrations.
  • Hands-on workshops are 90 minutes long and provide the opportunity to practice hands-on scanning using live models or phantoms.
  • Mini workshops will focus in on a specific topic with a limit of 4 attendees only.


Safety measures:

  • Workshop attendees (learners, faculty, and models) will double mask for added safety. 
  • All typical safety measures will be used (gloving, 6' spacing when not actively learning or demonstrating).
  • Individual interaction between model and physician will not exceed 15 minutes cumulative within any day. 
  • Plexiglass shields (like the one shown) will be used to provide an additional barrier between model and physician. The shields used will have any non-used holes covered. 
Plexiglass shield


Thursday Workshops

8:45 am WS-01 Interactive Demonstration Workshop
Ultrasound of the Lumbar and Thoracic Spine
 Assessment of midline using ultrasound, counting levels
 Evaluation of transverse process, lamina, and interspaces
 Paravertebral blocks
10:30 amWS-02 Hands-On Workshop
The Big Five
 Supraclavicular nerve block
 Femoral nerve block
 Popliteal nerve block
 Interscalene nerve block
 Axillary nerve block
1:30 pm WS-03 Hands-On Workshop
POCUS Basic Cardiac Exam FATE
 Basic views for FATE and practice multiple case scenarios 
 Examination of different models
3:15 pm WS-04 Interactive Demonstration Workshop
Pediatric Regional Anesthesia
 Most useful blocks for pediatric anesthesia
 Tricks and pitfalls for regional in the pediatric patient
 Indications, patient selection, technique, side effects, and complications


Friday Workshops

8:00 am  WS-05 Interactive Demonstration Workshop
Blocks for the Knee Joint
 iPack infiltration block of the knee
 Adductor canal block and its variants
 Sciatic nerve block approaches for the knee joint
8:00 am  MW-01 Mini-Focused Workshop
 Lungs, stomach, echo
10:15 am WS-06 Interactive Demonstration Workshop
Introduction to PoCUS in Adults: Lung, Diaphragm, Gastric, and IVC 
 Station Rotations (5): 
 1. Airway, 2. Lung, 3. Diaphragm, 4. Gastric, 5. eFAST/IVC
10:15 am MW-02 Mini-Focused Workshop
Abdominal Wall Truncal Blocks
 Rectus sheath, TAP blocks, Ql blocks
1:00 pm WS-07 Interactive Demonstration Workshop
Head and Airway Blocks 
 Head and airway blocks 
 Airway blocks (SLN, glossophryngeal and transtracheal)
1:00 pm MW-03 Mini-Focused Workshop
Upper and Lower Extremity Blocks
 Brachial plexus blocks, most common lower extremity blocks
2:45 pm WS-08 Interactive Demonstration Workshop
Blocks of the Posterior Abdominal Wall
 Low thoracic paravertebral blocks, ESP
 QL blocks (different variants)
2:45 pm MW-04 Mini-Focused Workshop
Chest Wall Truncal Blocks
 PEC blocks, SA block, ESP
4:30 pm WS-09 Interactive Demonstration Workshop
Blocks of the Anterior and Lateral Abdominal Wall
 Subcostal TAP
 Abdominal plane blocks (TAP, TFP, QLB), ilio-inguinal blocks
 Rectus sheath blocks


Saturday Workshops

8:00 am WS-10 Interactive Demonstration Workshop
Blocks for the Lower Arm and Hand
 Supraclavicular, infraclavicular, axillary
 Musculocutaneous, branches of the brachial plexus in the arm and forearm
 Indications, patient selection, side effects, and complications
10:15 am WS-11 High-Fidelity Simulation Workshop
Thoracic Epidural and PVB
 Thoracic epidurals, thoracic paravertebral
 Ultrasound-guided thoracic epidural and PVB
 PVB by proxy (MTP)
1:30 pm WS-12 Interactive Demonstration Workshop
Blocks Outside the Norm: Cardiac Surgery
 Blocks in the EP lab and cardiac surgery: Learn the when and how!
 Cardiac surgery: PVB/intercostal/brachial/cervical blocks
 PVB/intercostals/cervical plexus blocks 
 Stellate ganglion block
 Carotid endarterectomies
 Treatment of persistent ventricular tachycardia, VT storm, angina pectoris 
 Cervical sympathetic blocks, etc.
3:15 pm WS-13 Interactive Demonstration Workshop
Open Scanning for Adult Regional Anesthesia
 Have a burning question for our experts?  Want to get a little more hands on experience for a specific block with a pro?  Our faculty can help you improve your skills and refine your technique before you head back home to your practice


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