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Building Bridges: ASRA Pain Medicine and ESRA's Path to Collective Success

Feb 8, 2024, 06:00 AM by David Provenzano, MD, and Thomas Volk, MD

Cite as: Provenzano D, Volk T. Building bridges: ASRA Pain Medicine and ESRA’s path to collective success. ASRA Pain Medicine News 2024;49.

In 2018, the boards of directors of ASRA Pain Medicine and European Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy (ESRA) took a decisive step towards deepening their collaboration, aiming to elevate the standard of education and foster synergies in regional anesthesia and pain management. Recognizing that growth transcends individual achievements, the leadership of both societies acknowledged the power of unity. ASRA Pain Medicine and ESRA identified shared visions and missions, recognizing the potential for mutual benefit through the exchange of expertise and experience. The camaraderie between ASRA Pain Medicine and ESRA members further facilitated this collaborative journey.

This strengthened alliance has yielded numerous accomplishments and educational initiatives. Notable among them are the joint development of guidelines, exemplified by the recent publication on the management of postural puncture headache in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (RAPM)1 and the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).2 The RAPM editorial board's active involvement and the commitment to hosting RAPM scientific sessions at both societies' meetings showcase the tangible outcomes of this collaboration.

The 2023 World Congress of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management (WCRAPM) in Paris marked a pivotal moment where Dr. Sam Eldabe shared his insights and aspirations for the journal's growth. Dr. Eldabe's recent appointment as the associate editor-in-chief of RAPM, working in tandem with editor-in-chief Dr. Brian Sites, underscores the commitment to excellence.

We express our gratitude to the ASRA Pain Medicine and ESRA newsletter committees and extend our sincere appreciation for the leadership of Drs. Vivian Ip, Anthony Machi, Clara Lobo, Nuala Lucas, Ana Patricia Martins Pereira, Peter Merjavy, Morné Wolmarans, José Aguirre, Steve Coppens, and Kris Vermeylen. Their invaluable contributions have made this collaboration possible by synergistically publishing articles regularly, creating an environment of continuous mutual learning. Going forward, this collaborative effort will be more regular in both the ASRA Pain Medicine News and the ESRA Updates, sharing our similarities and embracing our differences in regional anesthesia techniques as well as in pain management.

Acknowledging the importance of representation, members from both societies are now part of each other's meeting planning programs. Dr. Andrzej Krol represented ESRA at the ASRA Pain Medicine 22nd Annual Pain Medicine Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, while Dr. Sam Eldabe will take on the role of ESRA program committee representative at the 23rd Annual Pain Medicine Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A high point was the joint meeting of the ASRA Pain Medicine and ESRA board of directors at the WCRAPM where enthusiasm, commitment, and delight were palpable. This enhanced partnership has kindled optimism for the future with an eagerness to explore new opportunities for mutual growth. The shared passion for an enriched relationship fuels anticipation for the positive impact on pain education and treatment globally. We, Drs. David Provenzano and Thomas Volk, personally share this excitement and are hopeful for the promising work and projects that will unfold in the years ahead. Together, we are confident that our collaborative efforts will significantly elevate pain management on a global scale.

Dr. David Provenzano
David Provenzano, MD, is ASRA Pain Medicine President and is the president of Pain Diagnostics and Interventional Care in Pittsburgh, PA.
Dr. Thomas Volk
Thomas Volk, MD, is ESRA Past-President and is with the clinic for anesthesiology, intensive medicine and pain therapy at Saarland University Hospital in Homburg, Germany.


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